01 June 2009

Week #53 (6-1-09)

We have transfer calls this week so we will see what happens. I´m pretty sure that Sister sayson and I are not going to be together next transfer. I mean it is possible, but 3 transfers is a lot of time together...4 would be really long!! I love her so much, but I think we are both looking forward to something new!!

We visited Olga this week. She is not doing very good. She has going back into depression and does not feel stable enough to continue meeting with us. She said that she wants to again someday soon, but she is afraid that we will be gone. She likes us a lot. We offered to help her this week in her Garden. Sis Sayson and I both think that serving her will help her feel the love of the Lord. It was cool though because even though she told us she doesn´t want to meet with us any more she still said that we could read in the scriptures together. So we followed the Spirit and read about prayer and then bore really good testimony about the power of prayer and how she can always gain strength through prayer. It was a good lesson with her. I love her so much and will really miss teaching her!!

We also had Zone Conference this last week. They talked a lot about having joy and sharing that joy with the members and investigators. Some´General Authority said about Germany, "the church here will grow when the members become more happy." We need to share that joy and happiness with them and be a "torch bearer". Like in the olympics when they pass the torch around the world. We need to pass our joy our torch to the members so that their torch can also shine bright so that other people can see it!! It was so powerful!! I loved it and am excited to continue to hold my torch high and share it with others!!

Barbara is about the same. She read and prayed like we had asked her, but she was then lead to this weird book. She has some weird beliefs sometimes and she is not progressing spiritually any more. We have an appointment this week with a convert member and hopefully that will help her!! Please pray for her. She needs to recognize the truth. We even reminded her of the miracle of how we met and then at the end of the appointment she said that she is not sure if she needs a church!! She is confused still!!

Well my time is up...we have to run off to an eating appointment!!

Love you!!
Sister Jones

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