12 October 2009

Week #72 (10-12-09)

Wow...I only have 3 days and then I will be in the mission home!! Weird!!
I don´t have much time to email but I just wanted to say that last week was great. I got to go back to Bremen and see all the people that I love!! On friday I get to see 2 of them again, but it was so great to say a final goodbye to people that I came to love and serve and laugh with!! I loved that ward so much!! We also got 2 new investigators last week...one of them can´t really speak German, but that´s not that important!! :o) We are trying to find a Russian translator...do you think Mikey would have time? JK!! Our next appointment is in 3 weeks so we have a little bit of time to find someone.
It´s really strange to be here at the end, but I think that I explained a lot of my feelings last week. I´m still working till the end and trying to stay focused. I´m so grateful that I got to come here to Germany on my mission and to be able to learn to love another culture and people. I can´t really see how much I have changed, but I hope that the Lord will show me. I have worked so hard, but also can´t wait to take a little break when I get home before I jump right back into school in January. I love you and can´t wait to see you!! Have a great couple weeks before I actually get home!!
Sister Jones

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