06 October 2008

Letter #19 (10-6-08)

Conference for me was SO great!! Man...it should really be more then just 2 times a year. Maybe like every other weekend!! We had an investigator (O) at conference, which was SO cool and to make it better...she brought a friend(Am). O stayed for all the sessions and the women's conference and Am watched all but the one on Sunday night (so women's and the 2 Saturday sessions). The way conference is done here is confusing, but it works. They tape Women's conference and then we watch it on Saturday at 4pm and then the Saturday morning session of conference Saturday night at 6pm. Then the Priesthood session is taped and they watch it at 11am Sunday and then we watch the tape for the Saturday afternoon session on Sunday afternoon 2pm and then we have waffles in the church because it is too far for most people to travel home and then back. Then we watch Sunday morning session live on Sunday night 6pm. We never get to see the last session unless we watch it really late (10pm-12am)...but I can just read it in the Liahona!! I need my beauty sleep!! lol

There were so many talks that talked about trials, depression, discouragement, and all of those painful things we experience in this life and how we can get rid of that. From what I got out of it, is that it is a choice. Elder Worthlin said that we need to laugh more about things that happen and not take it so seriously. Präsident Uchtdorf talked about hope and how when we have hope all of those feelings go away....we cannot let ourselves give into the temptation to lose hope. Präsident Monson talked about how if we don´t do something today we will just have a bunch of empty yesterdays. There were so many talks that I liked and I don´t have my notes with me, but I can´t wait to be able to read them again!! Wow...every single one just grabbed my attention!!

The Baptism for S was so great!! I can´t believe that she got baptized!! AHHHH!! The talks were so great and we even had an investigator (Frau A) and her 3 kids there and a girl in our English class as well!! It was a pretty good turn out from the ward as well. The best thing was how strong the Spirit was!! I just love baptisms because of how well everyone can feel the Spirit.

Sister Jones is now home..tear!! And now I have a new comp. Transfer day was a bit long!! We traveled up to Hamburg on the ICE train...the fast train. Normally it is 4.5 hrs from Bielefeld to Hamburg, but with the ICE it is only 2-2.5hrs!! But the ride back we had to take the slow train...I mean normal train!! :o) We didn´t get home till 8:30pm because we missed a train and had to change trains 3 times!! There is no direct train from Hamburg to Bielefeld...you know, they should really do something about that!! It was a long day, but good!!

Our German is not very good...she knows more words and my grammar is better, so we are able to help each other!! We are pretty much on the same page German wise!! She is great and we will help each other grow. This transfer is a non English transfer for us!! Only German...even with the Elders!! It will help us a lot...so far we have done really good!! I´m excited!!

Well she is waiting for me because I´m taking to long....

Sister Jones

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