13 October 2008

Letter #20 (10-13-08)

This week was great. We are trying to get in contact with the inactive members of the ward and get to know them. We spend a lot of time visiting them and calling them this week. We didn´t really see any success until Sunday when a lady came up to us and told us that she was Schwester Grasshof...a lady that we went to go visit and she just talked to us through this little box...she said she was too busy to let us in. Then she called us the next day and left a message and then she came to church. She even got up and bore her testimony in testimony meeting. We have an appointment with her this week. Our goal this transfer is to try and strengthen the ward by helping the inactives.

We have been speaking German all day everyday since Sister Buynak got here...it is an only German transfer. It is helping us a lot. I feel a lot more confident in my German...we even speak only German to the elders to, which was not the case before...it helps us help each other with our German!!

So Sunday was Fast Sunday and the ward Counsel and missionaries were fasting for specific investigators and members together. It was cool because we even broke our fast together. The ward here has a goal of 10 baptisms for the year. We have only had 4 so far so we have a lot of work to do. In Ward Counsel on Wednesday the ward asked us what they can do to help. It´s hard to think of what to ask them for. They come on Joint teaches and they pray for us, they talk to our investigators when they come to church. The problem is just finding people to teach. Sister Buynak and I were walking through the city for 2 straight hours talking to people one after another and we didn´t get any contact info. No one wanted to listen to what we have to say. So our Ward Mission Leader asked every organization to come with a referal for us next month. They all agreed!! I love referrals!! The ward also wants to plan a music thing for Christmas and they turned and asked me if I could do it...I told them I would but I don´t know if I will be here. That would mean I would be here in my Golden City for 7 transfers...that is not very likely. That is over half of my time in the mission field!! although I do love it here....by that time I think I would need a little bit of a change!! :o)

S received the Holy Ghost yesterday!! Wow the Spirit was so strong and she even got a calling. She is on the ward activities commitee!! That will be really good for her!!

I bore my testimony in church Yesterday (our mission pres has asked us to do that every month) and I totally cried....you know me!! lol!! I just felt the spirit really strong when S recieved the Holy Ghost and I was telling the ward about our experience on the street and I just cried when I bore my testimony about my Father in Heaven and His son Jesus Christ. When I first started to cry I told them that it´s ok for me to cry because I´m from America...they all laughed!! lol...I can´t believe that I was funny in German!! It was a great Sunday!!

Well I think that is all for this week...by the time Monday comes I have forgotten most of what happens...I will try and remember more for next week!!

Sister Jones

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