12 January 2009

Letter #33 (1-12-09)

So this week was really interesting!! We had p-day on Monday and then we had interviews with president on Tuesday. Then Wednesday came and I taught English class BY MYSELF!! AHHHH!!! The only reason I just screamed is because I have to do it in German!! We had a class in Bielefeld, but my comp was always there with me, but here there is a beginner class and an advaced class. Since I´m the senior comp I get to teach the beginner class. There was just one girl there and I had no clue how good her English was. So I told her that today I was going to talk about a lot of different things to see what she understood and what she doesn´t. It actually went really good. She said that she finally understood the whole "ing" thing. (ex. I am singing. I am going) That made me happy. It actually helped my German a lot too because I did the whole thing in German and learned some new words!! I love this language!!

Then on thursday I started to feel a little sick. We tried to do some weekly planning, but my comp told me to go and sleep....I guess I didn´t look so well. So I slept for a few hours and then we went back outside to some appointments and an eating appointment. Then I woke up Friday morning at 6:30 and felt like crap. Sinus pressure, cough (my voice was almost gone), nausea, and I kind of felt like dying. So I hopped in the shower and then after I just couldn´t take it so I laid down again. I ended up sleeping till 10am and then my comp woke me up and asked me if I wanted to stay in for the day. Well we didn´t have any appointments except for 2 eating appts. with members. So I decided to take my temperature and it was 101.7 and my comp laughed and then told me we were staying home. We called Pres. Wife and then the area mission doctor. The Elders came over and gave me a blessing and then I went back to bed!! The Elders picked up my meds for me as well. The doctor said that I had to stay home atleast for fri. and sat!! WHAT?? You can´t tell a missionary that!! Well...He also said I had Bronchitis and that it could turn into pneumnia if I´m not careful....uh yeah, so we listened to him!! Well, my poor comp was so bored, but got a lot of German study in. I still had a fever on Saturday for about half the day so the pres. wife said that I needed to stay in on Sunday as well. We missed the Elder's baptism and the ward lunch, but I´m feeling loads better. Just a little weak and nauseous today, but I will be fine. I also can´t really sleep at night because I wake up coughing. That has got to be the worst part of a sickness...coughing in the middle of the night!! This week should be better...I just want to be careful because in the blessing I got from the Elders he said to be careful and not to run faster then I have strength. So we are easing ourselves out. I don´t want to thank Heavenly Father for healing me so fast by all of a sudden running a muck outside all day in the cold!!
That is about all the exciting things that happened this week!! We did play some skipbo, which is my new favorite game...I am also the Skipbo master of our apartment!! :o) Wahoo!!

Well I hope that your week was more exciting then mine!!
Sister Jones

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Jamie said...

Isn't it time's like these when you wish you could call and tell her to find some vick's vapor rub and put it on her feet at night and then put socks on and it will help with the coughing so that she can get some sleep. Christi hope you feel better soon!