19 January 2009

Week #34 (1-19-09)...She's a trainer!

Oh, my gosh!! You won´t believe what has happened to me this past week. I will tell you the crazy news before I tell you everything else that is normal!!

Ok...you ready?? We were just studying like normal missionaries do in the morning when our mission president called us about 5 minutes before companionship study. When he calls you know something is up. Well, he told us that there is going to be a mini transfer this week. There is an MTC in Preston, England and there are 3 German speaking missionaries that are coming this week. (2 weeks before the transfer really ends) We knew that they were coming, but what does that have to do with us?? We just got put together...he wouldn´t split us up yet would he?? Well, he told us that we were both going to be effected by this transfer. He then told me that I was going to be a GOLDEN TRAINER for the sister that is coming. Tears immediately started running down my face. He then asked me if I would accept and through the tears I said yes. He then told my companion that she was being transferred to reopen Dortmund for sisters. (there are Elders there, but there haven´t been sisters there for about 4 transfers) There is a 3 some in Hamburg right now, so she will be comps with one of those sisters there. AHHHHHHH....can you believe that I´m training?? It is unbelievable to me. I´m just glad that she can speak German!! I have really wanted a German speaking comp, but didn´t think I would be training one. Weird!! So that s the BIG news.

This last week I also went to Missionsrat (mission counsel) and it was really cool. All the zone leaders go every transfer up to the mission home to talk about different things and find out what they can do to help their zone and the mission be stronger and better. Every transfer they also invite a companionship of sisters. Everyone has already gone except the sisters in Bielefeld...so they invited us this time. It was mostly in German, but I surprise myself that I can understand.

Well I have to go now!! I love you so much and will write more next week!!

Sister Jones


Anonymous said...

Way to go Christi....what a great leader for the cause of Christ you are!
Love you,

Daniel and Belinda said...

You can't really be too surprised you were chosen. You are amazing, and the best missionary for that position. Whenever I read you being excited, I can totally picture you freaking out. Love it!!