15 July 2009

#59 (7-13-09)

This week was so full of MIRACLES!! We did this really cool thing with the RS sisters...well 6 of them. We got up last Sunday and said that we wanted to try something new for the week. I think I might have mentioned it last week, but anyway...we asked for one sister to pray for Sister Psota and I by name on a specific day. We got 6 people to volunteer and then they chose the day. We asked them to pray for us through out the day and then we would call them that night and tell them what happened!! Well last week we found 2 new investigators (a husband and wife) and a bunch of good contacts. We also had an appointment with Herr Wiese (a new investigator from 2 weeks ago) and he had already read 100 pages in the book of Mormon. He even told us the story about Nephi and Lehi and how great and righteous they are...he is 79 years old!! :o) We have another appt. this week. Then we also met with this other guy, Daniel, who was pretty contentious the first time we met with him...this last week he was completely different. He had read in the Book of Mormon and he really expressed a desire to find out the truth. He even prayed at the end of the lesson. It was a miracle. We also had little miracles along the way...it was so great!! I really have gained a testimony of how important it is to pray specifically for things. The Lord already knows our thoughts, but he wants us to ASK for what we need and want!! This week we are trying something else with the RS, but I will talk about it next week!!
Well, I hate to talk about the weather, but it kind of sucks up here in the north. It was really hot and sunny when I first got here and now for the last week or 2 it has rained EVERYDAY!! It will be sunny, cloudy, then rainy...then sunny, cloudy, then rainy...repeated the whole day!! It is hard to dress yourself when the temp changes so much!! Naja...it´s still beautiful here and I will just be praying for a little bit more stability!! :o)

Sister Jones

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