06 July 2009

Week #58 (7-6-09)

This week we saw a lot of miracles. President called us on Thursday and told us that he was going to be praying for us specifically that day by name. He told us that we would see a lot of miracles that day. We were really excited and knew that that was true. So we only had 2 appts. planned for that day and ended up getting 2 more appts. with contacts and both of them became our new investigators. WAHOO!!! 2 new investigators!! We were so excited to call president that night and tell him our miracles. He was so excited for us. We then got another new investigator on Friday!! 3 in one week!! It was so amazing. We then decided that we would try something with the RS in our ward. On Sunday we asked specific people to pray for us by name this week. One Sister for each day of the week. We told them that we would also call them at the end of the day and tell them what happened. I´m so excited to see what happens this week!! I know we will see many miracles. We then decided that we would pray for the specific sisters as well on the days that they are praying for us. This ward is super cool and I´m excited to continue to get to know them and build friendships with them.

We also had a BBQ on Saturday for the fourth!! GO AMERICA!! It was totally American and we had a blast!! Hamburgers, hot dogs, chips, watermelon, potato salad....and a football...we had everything except for fireworks...but we are not allowed to have those anyways!! It was so great!! I love the fourth of July...that is my favorite holiday.

Well those are the highlights from my week. Sister Psota and I are having a ton of fun together. We understand each other really well and laugh a lot. She is really great to work with!!

Have a great week!!
Sister Jones

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