29 July 2008

Finally...some pictures!

Christi with her 1st district and 1st companion (Sister Welch)

On the bahn

Christi says, "Schwester Poplinz...I´m so BIG!! She calls me her große Sister Jones (groß means big or tall) Thanks Schwester Poplinz...way to give me more confidence. But hey the woman speaks the truth, just look at her!! :o)"

A day spent in Dortmund with Sister Denton.

Helping move a family...for all you Washingtonians this probably looks familiar.

Sister Jones meet Sister Jones
comp #2

Christi says, "District Activity at the church. "Missionary Olympics"
It was so fun. We did all kinds of activities to demonstrate "missionary skills" like unmaking and making a bed blind folded, baby toss (we are not supposed to hold children...this was to practice keeping them away!! lol), 3 legged race (always stay with and work together with your comp), tie tying contest, water balloon contest, eating contest...Germans feed you so much and MAKE you eat it all. I didn´t believe that till I tried and they give you more even when you said you were full!!"
District Olympics...game 1: strip the bed and remake it...

Don't forget the nurses corners, like your momma taught you.

Game #2: tie tying

Game #3: 3-legged race

Game #4: baby toss
What you ask?  Baby toss...yep, that would be a cabbage patch kid being tossed...what must the locals think.

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RileyFamily said...

I am having so much fun keeping up with you. These are great pictures, I am happy to see your smile again. Looks like you all had fun with those races. Sure love you and pray for you!