25 August 2008

Letter #13 continued....(8-25-08)

Sorry about last week. I sent the emails and then when I checked this week they were all sent back to me!! I hope that this works and I resent the one from last week!!

(Parts of last weeks letter to mom):
I know that the Lord is in this work and that He loves me. Sometimes it is so hard to see the things that he has blessed me with. Especially during my trials, but when I step back and look at the big picture I can more easily see what he has given me!! Sister Jones and I were talking this week about how interesting it is to be on a mission and how differently you see the world and the people in it. I related it to a snow globe. I feel like I´m holding a snow globe in my hands and that I am watching all these people go to and from work, the store, visiting family and just living their lives. I just see the world from a far distance and am learning to understand what people think, how people think and why people think the way they do. People say things to us on the streets and it just makes it so evident that these truly are the last days and that their truly was a falling away and that we truly have the Gospel again. It's hard to explain, but I just see everything so different and more clear then I ever have before. Missions really can solidify your testimony for life...it definitely has for me.

We met this woman on the street this week from Africa. She told us that she felt like the Spirit was telling her to go for a walk and she followed that feeling and met us. We brought her a Book of Mormon a few day later and taught her about Joseph Smith. She is a strong believer in Christ, but she didn't understand why we talked about Joseph Smith instead of Christ. We tried to explain to her that it is through prophets that we learn more about Christ. For prophets are here to testify of Jesus Christ and bring us closer to him. Through Joseph Smith we have the Gospel of Jesus Christ again. She still didn't really like that we talked about him, but we set up another appointment. She said that she is always at her church because her husband is one of the pastors so it would be best to meet there. We agreed and a few days later headed to this church. It's more like just a building then a church, but we went in and talked to another woman for awhile and then the other pastor came out of his office and we taught them the First Vision. He also said that he didn't want us to talk about Joseph Smith because if we teach about him we will forget about Jesus Christ. They are such strong believers in Christ, but they don't understand how His church works. The church of Christ is looked over by prophets and apostles when teach about Christ and serve His people. Their goal is to bring others unto Christ. They know the Bible really well, but they don't understand what His church really is. It was a really cool experience...thankfully it was in English. The woman we met on the street finally came, but by the time she got there we had to leave to another appointment. The Pastor was so nice though and told us that we are always welcome in their church. They are so close to the truth, but yet so far. They are so close that they don't even recognize the real truth...even when it walks into their church. I will let you know if more happens!!

Sister Jones

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