01 September 2008

Letter #14 (9-1-08)

So this week we started working officially with our family in the Gemeinde for our Tag-Team Missionary Work!! (we were asked to choose a family in the ward that we could work with for 3 weeks and work together to do missionary work.) We were in their Gebiet (area) EVERYDAY for at least an hour...if not 2 hours. We did doors, talked to people in the near by park and did SK (street contacting) on the streets by their house. They are so wonderful and SO excited about it. The wife even came with us to a contacts house, but sadly he was not at home. She started asking us questions like...how we approuch people on the street and what we say when we go Tür zu Tür.(door to door) Mostly she just wanted to know how we started talking to people about the Gospel. We told her and she was really surprised that we were so bold. The nice thing about being a missionary is that we can be bold...we have a name tag and wear funny clothes and that is our calling, to talk to everyone and be bold. I thought it was cool that she was asking us questions about it because I can really see the desire in her to want to learn how to do missionary work. So I hope that as we meet with her and her husband, work in their area, and take her with us more that she will be able to see what she can do as a member missionary. We had an out of our bubble week this week with them and she totally took it to heart. She tried to talk to a co-worker about the Gospel, it didn´t work out the way she wanted to, but she put forth a great effort and I know that she learned from that and what she can do differently next time!! They are the perfect family to work with and I really am glad that we are doing this. Sister Jones and I both really like the area...when we are there we just feel so happy and good inside. Their goal at the end of the 3 weeks is to find someone that we can teach in their home and that they can bring to church.

Sonja is doing so great and is so excited to get baptized!! Her date is now officially the first of October...the day before Sister Jones goes home!! She is so ready and I wish she wasn´t going on vacation, but we will just pray really hard that nothing changes while she is gone. We actually met Sonja´s sister on Sunday and taught her the first lesson and set up 2 more appointments this week. She was already taught by missionaries a few times, but it was 2 years ago!! She commited to reading in the book of Mormon and praying about it!!

So our family (the one we are working with) told us that it might be good to go to the park on Wed and Thursday because it is supposed to be nice, so we of course listened to them. We found a family that was sitting on one of the benches and talked to them and both the mom and the dad were interested in what we had to say. They gave us their contact info and we are going to visit them today. How cool would that be to teach a whole family...a mom, dad and 2 kids!! It´s like a missionaries dream. I hope that it works out.

I love this work and I´m trying everyday to do better and be happier. I love the Lord and I´m so greatful for what He has done for me. This mission is just a small thing I can do to try and repay him...I will never be able to repay him, but I will do all that I can to bring others to the knowledge of the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ!! This church is true and it is lead by Jesus Christ Himself, through the living Prophet Thomas S. Monson.

Sister Jones

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