08 September 2008

Letter #15 (9-08-08)

This week was a pretty good week. The language is coming better...not perfect, but better!! :o)
We spent a lot of time working in our area with our family, but have seen no success at all. Every contact that we get ends up not being interested any more. Strange, but thats the way things are. This is our last week with them and then next Sunday we should have someone that they can bring to church!! We have a lot of work this week to get that accomplished, but it is possible!! We will do it!! The Lord is on our side and was with us when we chose this family and this area and also when we set our goals with this family...this is what the Lord wanted and now we just need to find this person/family!!
S is doing well!! We taught her about Tithing and she agreed to live it when she gets baptized!! She is doing so well. The only problem...because there is always a problem...is that her ex-husband got kicked out of his girlfriends place and is staying with her temporarily till he finds his own place. He needs to move out before she can get baptized!! We are trying to work that out...S knows and she is trying to get him out faster. She is so wonderful.
Well that´s about all for this week!! I will write next week and tell you what happens in this area with the members we are working with!! It will be something cool, I just know it!!

Sister Jones

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