17 September 2008

Yeah...more pictures!!!

Here are some pictures that Christi has sent....
everything in quotes is what she said about the pics.


"So Germany has the funniest signs!! Miteinander geht mehr...directly translated doesn’t make much sense (directly "together goes more"), but it means (as you can see from the pic) Together works better."

"Not a very useful Umbrella...the wind must have done it!!"
(look in the garbage)

"Riding bikes in the pouring rain...can you see where the line of wetness is?"

"Alicia at her baptism"

"S, who is getting baptized October 1st!"

"This is Svetlana that I think I told you about..if not, let me know!! 
She has gone back to France!! Sad!"

"Gemeinde Essen (Ward lunch) 
We made an American Sister Jones cake. 
The YW loved the fact it was cake mix from America...
they LOVED it!! lol!!"
Christi's b-day was August 8th and her mom sent her a cake mix to make her own cake.  Pretty sure it is a yellow cake with chocolate frosting...Amen little YW that is delicious!

Olaf Wessely and me....he accidentally dropped this noodle thing in my apple juice at lunch...it was so funny. He turned red and we all laughed..with him of course. Sister Jones and I were almost crying we were laughing so hard!!