29 December 2008

Letter #30 (12-22-08)

(Christi forgot to email this letter to me last week...so here it is, a bit late...)

So...I have arrived in the beautiful city of Bremen. It really is beautiful here. It was really hard to leave Bielefeld and to say goodbye, but I did it because the Lord wants me else where. I really like it here though. My Companion is Sister Fowkes and she is from Arizona. She is 24 and has been on her mission for 2 transfers. I´m still a little nervous about our German, but we are getting through it. The Lord did not send me to Bremen to fail. She can understand a lot and we are working on her speaking more. She already has to speak more because I don´t know the investigators or the ward and so she gets to practice her German by introducing me. She is doing great and she has already seen a difference in her ability to speak. I have also seen a difference. I can´t understand as much as I want to yet, but I understand a lot more then I give myself credit for!! It´s really weird to have someone ask me German grammer questions and ask me what the person was talking about!! I can´t believe that I can actually answer. I speak different German then she is used to. Every Missionary learns different words and it also depends on where you serve. I speak Bielefeld German and so she questions me a lot about what I say, for example...I´ve NEVER heard that word before...I don´t think they use that word here...they pronouce that different here. I just smile and try to explain that she hasn´t heard all the German words yet and that they also speak different in Bielefeld. She really loved her trainer and she liked the way her trainer spoke and did missionary work. I´m different then her trainer, but have also had a lot of experiences and we can learn a lot from each other. I think things are going better now...she is getting used to having a different person around and we get along fine!! She is really fun and it will be a great 7 week transfer! I have a lot to learn and can´t wait to find out what I can do to change Bremen for the better.

Sister Jones

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