22 December 2008

See what happens when you are awake at the crack of dawn...

So I won't try to explain why I was up at 4:30 this morning...but I was...and on the computer.  So I decided to keep my eye out to see if I could catch Christi on the email.  At around 5am, I got a quick little weekly email from her (just a response to my email and not much else since we get to talk in 4 days).  I sent the following email right back and then the rest was a funny few minutes:

(from Teri):
are you reading and responding to emails right now....if you are...hi....if your email is just arriving 'cause it takes for ever for emails to come through from Germany...then you probably won't understand this email...I couldn't sleep so I am awake (5am).

(from Christi):
hi!! I´m still here...are you there??

(From Teri):
yes...of course we catch each other the week we get to talk on the phone

(from Christi):
Yeah figures!! Well I´m on a computer in a library and it shuts off every 15 minutes...I only have 4 mintues left!! I love you and can´t wait to talk on thursday!! Now I have 3 minutes!! :o)

(from Teri):
If you get this...I love too! ...and mom will be so jealous!

(from Christi):
Yeah..and I give you permission to rub it in her face!!

***Note: the emails took like 5 minutes for me to get from her...I'm not sure what the lag time was on her end...but it made for a difficult normal conversation, but kinda fun all the same! Christi didn't send a family/friends letter this week, but we get to talk to her on Christmas, so I will give an update after that! Merry Christmas!!!

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