16 December 2008


Here are a few excerpts from an email to Christi's mom, answering some questions...

"Yeah I just saw the Christmas Broadcast last night. It was cool because of what President Uchtdorf talked about. He explained my Christmas experience here. And just so you know...Stollen (the Christmas cake he talked about) is really dry and ussually doesn´t taste very good!! I have had some that is good, but that is rare. I don´t like it too much, but I eat it!! :o)

How cold is it here?? Well I only know in Celcius. Usually it is right around 0 degrees...which I know is 32 degrees F. It´s only gotten down to -2 degrees, but it is colder in Bremen because of the water!! Bbrrrrrr!!! It´s not that bad when you just walk outside...I mean I lived in Rexberg of all places. It was like -20 F sometimes in the winter, but even when it is only 32F here in Germany...it seems colder because we are out in it for so long!! It´s only beginning...January and February are usually the coldest months of the year, but I only have to live through it once...that is what keeps me going. Next year I will be warm inside...all bundled up with my family!! :o)"


Maur said...

Hello! I came upon this fantastic blog soon after I received my mission call to Hamburg Germany. Christi doesn't know me but I will soon be joining her in Deutschland!

It has been both exciting and reassuring to follow her progress and really get an idea of what to expect. She really is a fantastic missionary!

I'd love to talk to her mom about some logistical questions and other things regarding her mission (what she wishes she had brought, not brought etc.) Is it possible to get in contact with her via email or phone?

Whoever has put this blog together has done a wonderful job, thanks again!

Maurie Moline

Dallin said...

Dear Maurie...This is Christi's sister (I do the blog) and I am so glad you found us. Congratulations on your mission call...that is fantastic. Please feel free to email Christi's mom bonniegarysdozen@msn.com (Bonnie), she would love to chat with you. Thanks for letting us know you are reading and good luck on your mission...if you do get to meet Christi, could you give her a hug from her family??? Thanks, Teri