09 February 2009

Week #36 (2-2-09)

This week was so great....if you took a look at our numbers you wouldn´t have thought that, but it was. So my district leader is a really possitive person. Sometimes so possitive that it frustrates me!! :o) Well, he calls everynight to make sure we got home safe and also to see how our day was. Well, every night when I ask about his day he says..." Oh my gosh...today was a day full of miracles!!" Then he goes on to tell me all the wonderful things that happen. Well I´m not a negative person....I´m just realistic and he kind of got on me because he says that we see miracles everyday and I just didn´t see it that day. When I don´t get contacts and all my lessons fall out it is hard to see the miracle in that. So I decided to change my additude and try to look for more miracles the next day. Well you won´t believe it, but we saw 2!! We talked to the first person that we saw the next day and set up an appointment to bring her a book of Mormon and talk to her about it...she is a mother with a family!! Then we were heading to our eating appointment and we got on this bus. Well, I sat next to this lady and started talking about the weather...then that turned into me asking about her family. She was really friendly and so we had a great conversation. I asked her if she had any grandchildren and then she started to cry and through the tears said that her daughter is pregnant and the baby will be born in a few months. We talked about that a bit and then she told me that her husband is in the hospital with cancer. They just found out in November and it is getting worst. I didn´t really know what to say to comfort her...in english it would have been easy to just talk, but in German I HAVE TO rely on the Spirit. Prayer came into my head and so I asked her if she prays and then I bore testimony to her about the importance of prayer and how the Lord may not take away our problems, but he will comfort us and give us the strength to overcome!! I then gave her a pamphlet about the Restoration and told her that if she needed anything she could call us...she said that she would!! I really hope that she calls!! She was so wonderful and I know that we got on that bus for a reason because then my comp freaked out and thought we were on the wrong bus...so we got out!! Then we realized that we were on the right bus, but not really...confusing story, but pretty much I thought the bus went a different way, but I just looked at the map wrong...we were on the right bus going the right way, but it was just going to take a lot longer thn we thought!! So we got on another bus and got to our appointment faster...it was a miracle though....we made a mistake and normally I would have gotten frustrated, but I was really happy and grateful because I got to help someone come a little bit closer to Jesus Christ!! Wow...missions are so great!! So that night when my district leader called I proudly announced that we saw 2 miracles that day and he was so excited to hear our success!!

What else happened this week?? Oh, funny story. We were at an eating appointment with members and they have´a bunny!! Well we were just eating and enjoying ourselves when Sister Sayson just started coughing!! She coughed and coughed and coughed. We kept trying to figure out what it was that was making her cough. We had just eaten Indian food (from India) and it was a little spicy and they thought that maybe she couldn´t handle it. Well long story short...she is illergic to bunnies and guinie pigs...small animals with long hair. So she had to stand outside for a while and then the husband in the family got one of those dentist masks and she wore that while we were eating dessert. And then to make the story funnier...she had the Spiritual thought and gave it while wearing this mask!! HAHA!! It was so great...don´t worry she was laughing along with us...well she would, but had to make herself stop because it was harder to breathe when she laughed!! We are going to call the mission doctor about a pill or something she can take, because there is another family in the ward with those animals too!!

I love Sister Sayson. Sometimes it is hard to understand what each other are meaning when we talk, but we are working it out!! We are learning to laugh about it and it makes it so much funner...sometimes I have to use a lot of hand gestures. When I can´t say something in German, but she can´t understand it in English, that is when the had signals come in!! We laugh a lot together and it is really great to have a german comp!! She is so wonderful and a hard worker!!

Oh...I cut my hair this week!! Nothing to extreme don´t worry, just a trim. My comp...being the wonderful bunt German that she is was sitting behind me in a members car. I was wearing my hair down and the sun was shinning on it through the window...she then told me that I had a lot of slit ends in my hair!! lol!! Seriously!! It was so funny...She told me that we could go on P-day and get it cut, but if you saw the hair styles here in Europe you wouldn´t want to get your hair cut here either!! :o) So I did it alone!! Since it´s longer now it look fine!! Forget singing..here I come beauty school world!! JK I would never want to do that..I would ruin people's lives because I would not be good for more then a trim!! :o) It was fun!!

We have been trying to work on the Inactives in our ward, but it has been hard. We have made a few appointments out for this week with a few of them and we have also found some that are completely not interested. That is also good to know so that future missionaries don´t keep going by. It is so sad, but we are doing our best to contact them and meet with them. Some people just hang up and other told us that they didn´t want to be contacted any more!! We did get to meet with a super cool family in another city close by. They are completely active, but live far away so the missionaries never just stop by. They were so excited to see us...Especially the mom. She had been on a mission so she was excited to have us there. It is so cool to go and visit families and people in the ward. I feel like a really special person...like royalty!! Before my mission I would go to someone's house and they would just be like..."hey!" and then we would sit and talk, but on a mission they get huge smiles on their faces, invite us in and to sit down!! Then they offer us tea and something to eat. When they get us tea they get their nice china cups...not the ones for everyday!! They are so good to us and really love having us there!! I love the members here in Germany!! They are so loving and really do mean the best!!

I love you and hope that you have a great week!!
Sister Jones

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