16 February 2009

Week #38 (2-16-09) The week of love...but no love for me!!

"I think that you might send this email on to people and if you do I want all to know that there was no love in my mail box for Valentine´s day!! I know I´m just a missionary, but Sisters need love too!! :o)" (yep...that is a little sister Jones whining about no Valentines...maybe I will let her know that the only one in my house that got valentines in the mail was the 22 month-old..big waaaa!)

This week has been my week of miracles. Siser Sayson and I decided to write everyday in our planners a miracle that we have seen. Sometimes they are just little things, but they are there as long as we look for them!! So I want to share with you our miracles this week in the wonderful City of Bremen.

Last Monday we went by an inactive family for the second time (first time she was too busy) and she was busy with a birthday party of her son. We just asked if there was a time that we could come back and meet with her. So she got out her calendar and we made an appointment for the first of next month. It´s far away, but hey...she agreed to meet with us.

On Tuesday the very first person we saw because a new contact of ours. She seemed really interested about the Book of Mormon. She wanted us to wait till this week to call her, so I´m excited to see what happens. We also had been praying to find a family in the ward who we could do a family home evening with. We wanted to do it to help find referrals, but also to strengthen the families. Well, we were at an eating appointment and did a spiritual thought about prayer and how God answers prayers. We then asked if there was anything we could do for them and the mom at first said no, but then said yes. She invited us to do a family home evening with her and her slightly inactive son!! We were shocked!! We said yes and then told her how she just answered our prayers!! We were also in a bus and Sister Sayson was asking the driver where we needed to get out to get to a certain street. He told us where and then told us that is was going to be a long little walk. Well, he ended up just driving us straight to the street that we needed. He took his break to drive us there!! How nice is that!! The blessings of the Lord are all around us if we just open our eyes to see them.

Wednesday came and we went to an appointment with an inactive woman in the ward. She has a really long and personal reason why she doesn´t come to church and she trusted us enough to tell us the whole story and even agreed to meet with us to help her get her trust in God back. We also went to another family that night. The wife is active and the husband (the old bishop) is inactive. They are from America and really love music. I had been practicing in the church for about 15 minutes earlier that day to prepare to sing at Zone Conference the next day and I had been wishing that someone could play the piano for me so I could just sing through it once. Well my wonderful companion asked the woman if she would play for me so I could sing and she agreed. So I got out my music and sang for them. I think that the man felt the spirit and I hope that I can get him back into the church through music!!

Thursday was Zone Conference and I got to sing for Elder Robert Oaks (the Area President for Europe) I didn´t mess up!! WOW...What a miracle. I also really felt the spirit and didn´t cry. That is also a miracle!! It was pretty good for not having practiced in over a year!! That day was just a miracle because we learned so much through the Spirit!!

Friday we had an appointment with a contact, but when we got there her sister said that she is too busy right now and that she would call us when she had more time. We went in to use the bathroom and then she offered us tea...fruit tea...which I´m not going to turn down when it is snowing outside. We ended up playing a game and then leaving a Spiritual thought. She requested that it be out of the Bible, which is not a problem because the Bible is the word of God too. So we did and it went pretty good. We asked if we could meet with her again, but she isn´t really interested, but she is very religious and I really think that when she is better prepared to accept more scripture that she would be a great member. We are just preparing her for later missionaries that she will meet. We will probably go by again in a few weeks if we don´t get a call.

On Saturday we were supposed to meet with our Ward Mission Leader, but he didn´t show up (he had to work late) so we went through the ward list with the elders to let them know who is active and who isn´t. I told them that we have been meeting with a lot the last few weeks and I told them how bold we are with them. One of them asked me what we say. I told them that we just ask them why they aren´t coming to church. The Elder asked if that goes over ok and I told him that so far it hasn´t been a problem. I mean...we don´t ask them really mean or anything...we are very nice about it and so far everyone has given us an answer. I told the Elders that for the most part with Inactives you can be a little more bold. They have made covenants with the Lord and know what they are supposed to do for salvation. We are here to gently remind them and bring them back to the path to Salvation. They said that they would try being bold to. I hope it works for them as well as it has worked for us!! We also had an eating appointment with a member and last time we were there Sister Sayson had Asthma issues, but...like the good mom that I am...I made her take her inhaler and the family also cleaned a lot before we came. Success story...she had no problems!! See miracles. Last time she spent more time outside on the balcony then in eating with us!! :o)

Sunday we visited another inactive, but sadly she was not home. So we decided to do doors in that building and guess what?? We got a contact. She didn´t have time, but she asked for a pamphlet and said we could come back!! WAHOO!! It was so wonderful!!

Today we stopped a guy on the street and started talking to him about the purpose of life. He said that he had no clue what the purpose of life is. We asked him what was important in his life and again he couldn´t answer. Sister Sayson asked if he believed in God and he said that he was a realist and didn´t believe in God. I then asked him what he believed happens after this life and sadly he said that he believes that when we die and that is it. I bore testimony to him that we are here for a specific purpose and that we will one day be able to live with God and our families again. He said that he can´t believe that I can believe in something that I can´t see. I told him that I don´t need to see because I believe. I don´t need to see God to know that He is there. I pray to him and I know that He hears me and answers me. He then asked me if I didn´t think it was a little egotistical to think that there was a higher power out there somewhere helping me. He thinks that we are just humans...nothing special. I told him no, I don´t think that that is egotistical. God is our Father and we are His Children and to Him we are very special. He ended up not having any interest in what we were sharing with him, but I know I felt the Spirit and so I know he felt something too. It makes me a little sad when truth and salvation comes and hits people in the face and they just don´t see it. Sister Sayson (earlier in the conversation) told him that she is also a realist, but that she believe´s anyway...to her that is realistic. I thought that that was cool. It is so true...how is believing in God not realistic?? It was a good experience.

Well I´m so grateful for my week of miracles!! It is just amazing!! The Lord is really helping us do this work because it is his!! He wants us to have success!! I love the Lord and know that He is there. We just need to come to him. His arms are open just waiting for us to turn away from our pride and accept His help!!

I love you and hope you have a great week!!
Sister Jones

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