23 February 2009

Email from Mission President

Last week Christi wrote the following in her letter:

Thursday was Zone Conference and I got to sing for Elder Robert Oaks (the Area President for Europe) I didn´t mess up!! WOW...What a miracle. I also really felt the spirit and didn´t cry. That is also a miracle!! It was pretty good for not having practiced in over a year!! That day was just a miracle because we learned so much through the Spirit!!

This is an email sent to Christi's mom from Sister Thompson, the mission president's wife:

Dear Sister Jones,

We had a most delightful experience at our Mission Tour with Elder Robert Oaks and his wife during the vocal solo of your daughter, Sister Christi Jones. We asked her to perform a special musical number for the afternoon of zone conference and she willingly accepted. Her performance was so moving and sensitive as she sang in her beautiful, clear voice, "Jesus the Very Thought of Thee." We were all in tears at the end of her marvelous solo. Elder Oaks commented that it was one of the most beautiful renditions he had ever heard and thanked her for bringing the Spirit in such abundance.

We just love your daughter and so appreciate the love and support you give her. Her obedience and enthusiasm for the gospel and her missionary work are exemplary and we are so honored to be able to serve with her. Thank you for preparing her so well to serve.

With our love,

President and Sister Thompson

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