02 March 2009

Week #40 (3-2-09)

Well my week was good. I don´t have as much time to write this week, but I will try to sum up the many miracles that we saw this week.

So we had another appointment with the interesting investigator that we got last week and it was still really weird. She won´t really talk to my comp or let her teach because she likes me better. I don´t say that to brag at all because I don´t want her to like me. I just told her the Joseph Smith first vision story and the Spirit was really strong. (that was last week) so she thinks that I am something really special, but really my comp is better then me!! But she doen´t really talk to my comp. In German there are a couple forms of "you"...formal, informal, and informal with more then one person. Well...lets just say that we were both there and she was just using the informal...not the one for more then one person. Since she is German she notices that she is only speaking to me!! Wow...it was kind of mean. But something cool happened. This woman's daughter was there and left with us...she lives with her dad...and she ended up walking with us all the way to Bahnhof...she lived in the other direction. She was super cute and nice and is pretty religious, but she said that her mom is a little extreme. She said that she can´t even talk to her mom about taking out the garbage without her mom relating it to something religious. She told us a lot about her mom and her mom´s past and it really explained why she is the way she is. We didn´t even ask for the information...she just started talking. People really trust us as missionaries, but sometimes I wish they wouldn´t tell me all that they do!! I really hope that we can see her again. She is only 14, but I really think that she would join the church and make a great member!! The other frustrating thing about the appointment was the fact that she was teaching us. She didn´t do her reading assignment, so we read with her and when we would stop to talk about the verse she would tell US what it meant and how to interpret it. We are going to try and go this week, but mostly just to see if her daughter is home.

I got to eat Peru food with an inactive member. It was SO good!! She even committed to come to church on Sunday!! And guess what...she did!! I was so excited to see her!! WAHOO!!! Now we just have to get her to church every Sunday from now on!! :o)

We had a baptism on Sunday for a 9 year old boy. The Elders and us have been switching off teaching him!! He is so wonderful and very happy!! His family are members, but have been inactive for the 9 or 10 months because they were offended from their last ward!! All who read this....NEVER let some stupid offence keep you from gaining Eternal Salvation in the Celestial Kingdom....it´s not worth it!! Luckily the Elders visited them a few weeks ago and they came to our ward and really like it here!! She makes a lot of comments about her last ward and it is really sad. Not everyone is perfect and not every ward is the dream ward!! We need to live where we stand...even if the ward is not friendly. Be friendly and help them learn how to be more friendly...people can change...you just have to give them the chance!!

This week was a hard, busy week!! It was still great though!! This work is hard, but worth it. Just trust in the Lord and you can get through anything!! He really is the way, the truth and the life!!

Love Sister Jones

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