24 March 2009

Week #43 (3-23-09)

This past week was good. The miracle woman we found last week didn´t end up coming to church, but we met with her a total of 2 times and we have an appointment for this week as well!! She is super cool and the man she lives with is totally ok with us meeting with her.

We found quite a few contacts this week...6 total, but 5 were men and so we passed them off to the Elders!! Some of them were really good contacts...a lot of potential!!

We also got our Bikes fixed this week by a nice member in the ward. So we were so excited that the next day we rode everywhere on our bikes....everywhere...bad idea. By the end of the day my butt hurt so bad and my comps legs hurt so bad that we decided to walk our bikes to the train. Well, we were so tired that we walked slower then normal and then had to get back on our bikes to catch the train. I thought I was going to die. It hurt SO bad to sit down!! I tried to peddle standing up, but that didn´t work so well. I ended up gritting my teeth and riding through the pain. I prayed the whole time that I wouldn´t die and that we would make our train!! Well He answered my prayers!! :o) We didn´t ride bikes for a few days after that...and I had some issues sitting. My comp could barely walk because her legs hurt so bad!! Man are we fat and out of shape!!

We talked to a lot of people this week on the street that don´t believe that there is a God because of all the horrible things that happen in our lives and in the world. It was really hard to hear over and over and over, but it was a great time to bear my testimony that I know God lives and loves us. He wants us to be happy, but doesn´t protect us from sorrow and hurt so that we know what it´s like to be happy. When we don´t know what it feels like to be sad we will never know what it is like to be happy. They still didn´t listen to what we have to say, but they heard my testimony and I know that they felt what I felt as we spoke!!

I love this work and KNOW that we can find those that are prepared. There is a member in my ward that told me that the people that we talk to on the street are not prepared for the Gospel...we are preparing them for later. I told her no, they are ready...we just have to find them!! When the members don´t have faith that we can find...how are we supposed to find them!! We ALL need the faith to find and need the support from the members and their faith!!

Love Sister Jones

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