30 March 2009

Week #44 (3-30-09)

On Tuesday I decided to change bags that I was carrying around and use my side bag, but when I carry my side bag I can´t carry as much stuff. Well I had put my German scriptures in my bag, but then had a little thought that I should carry an extra Book of Mormon instead. So I took mine out and put in one to give away. Well we had a little time before Sister Sayson´s Doctor appointment and we had planned on doing doors in this one specific area. Well the first door no one was home, but then the second door a man answered. We talked to him for a bit and he knows a lot about religions...well long story short he really wanted a Book of Mormon...he was not interested in meeting with us, but he wanted to read the book...well guess what...yep that´s right...I had one with me!! It was a miracle because I don´t normally carry an extra one. We normally just bring it by to our first appointment, but I had the feeling and I followed it!! It was amazing!!

We saw a cool miracle on Wednesday. We had just finished an eating appointment and we were walking to the bus when we stopped this lady and started talking to her. She was interested in what we were saying and gave us her contact info. Then we continued walking a few steps when all of a sudden we realize that we have totally walked WAY too far...a block or 2. So we turned around and walked back, but if we would have noticed that earlier we would not have met this lady. It was cool to be lead by the Spirit and not even know it!!

On Saturday morning we got to eat breakfast with the Elders and this really cool family in the ward. They live kind of far away (30 minute train ride and then 15mins in the car) but it was cool. We got to help them make it and we had so much fun together. The family is really funny!!

We also met with Sch. Lütjen again this week. She has been sick for the last few weeks, but she is finally better. She is the inactive member that we have been meeting with weekly with the Relief Society President. She has come to church once so far, but then she got really sick!! Well we met with her and had a really good time...Sch. Lütjen and Sch. Fritzsch (RS Pres) like to talk a lot, but it turned out really good. Sch. Fritzsch is really honest with her and that is really good!! They get a long good and Sch. Fritzsch really encouraged her to come to church with her...well Sunday came and there they were...sitting next to each other in church!! SO COOL!!

We had an appointment with a man and his wife from Africa on Saturday...sadly the wife was not there. We taught him more about Joseph Smith and then we invited him to come to a baptism the following day of a 8 year old girl. We then talked about children baptisms and why we don´t baptize kids under 8. I committed him to read in Moroni 8 about child baptisms, but he still had a lot of questions...we couldn´t answer them all because we had to go to another appointment. Well when we were at church the next day (he was not there) we got a lot of answers to questions about baptism and child baptism!! It was amazing!! We learned a lot about it and know where to look now to learn more!! We are excited to teach him again!!

I have learned a lot about the Spirit this week and how to follow it. It is still not perfect and I don´t always listen, but I have been really trying to pay attention to what he is saying to me. We have an investigator that call the Holy Ghost her "inner voice" and that is exactly what he is!! He speaks to us and if we listen we will be blessed and we will be able to be an instrument in the Hands of God!! I know that the Holy Ghost really is there and that when we listen hard enough he will tell us what we need to do!!

I love you!!
Sister Jones

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