09 March 2009

Week #41 (3-9-09)

This week was great!! We saw some serious miracles. We met this man on the street last week (well 2 weeks ago) and talked to him about families and the purpose of life. We asked him if we could meet with him to talk more about this message and he said `gerne` (Gladly)...no one ever says gerne...we were so excited!! So we made an appointment with him to meet us in the church this last Tuesday...well miracles are everywhere because I have made a ton of appointments with men (well and woman too) to meet us in the church and they have NEVER shown up...well he did!! He was there!! We gave him a tour of our building and he asked a lot of good questions. We then gave him a book of mormon and talked to him about what we have to do in this life to return and live with God. He was really interested and really nice. He is divorced and has 4 kids. We asked him if we could meet with him again and he said `yeah, gerne!!` He said it again!! WOW!! :o) So we made an appointment for Sunday and after thinking a lot about it decided to pass him over to the Elders. Our Mission President likes it better when the women teach the women and the men teach the men...well only when there are Elders and Sisters in the same City...so we called the Elders and invited them to come. Well we went to the church and again he was there. We asked him if he had read in the book of mormon and he did. The Elders and us started to then teach the 2. Lektion...about the plan of salvation. It was so good. He had a lot of questions, but really thinks that it is possible for this to be god's plan. The Elders committed him to pray about it to god and he said that he would. He said that he has a desire to pray to god and to learn more. He is SO prepared. The Elders then set up an appointment to teach him. (He again said gerne when the Elders asked for another appointment!!) I then invited him to come to church to hear me sing next Sunday and he said he would love too!! Well as we were leaving the Elders asked him what he does for work...he then looked at me and said that he is a singer!! WOW!! I can´t believe that we didn´t ask what he does. He sings for parties and weddings and such and sings 1920´s music. I then told him that I was really nervous for next week...he just laughed and told me not to be!! He totally looks like a musician too!! When he left the Elders and us talked about the lesson and he is totally going to be baptized!! I really really want to teach him, but I just had a feeling and know it was right to pass him off!!

Another miracle that we saw was with an inactive woman. She said that she would come to church last week, but she wasn´t there. We asked her at our appointment last week (well actiually the member we brought asked her) why she didn´t come. She said that she was in Hamburg picking up her grandson who she watches pretty often. We again invited her to church, but she said that if her grandson is stil there she can´t come because her son doesn´t want his child in our church. (Her son is also inactive) Well I sat down in sacrament meeting on Sunday next to this cute old lady in the front and after the meeting I turned around and my comp got my attention and pointed to the back of the room...she was there...with her grandson. My comp had talked to her and she said that she had called her son the night before and told him that she was going to bring him to church. I think it was because her son was supposed to pick the little guy up on friday or saturday...the dad is really not very responsible. Since he was still there she just brought him. She stayed for all three meetings. I got to talk to her too and I also met her neice who is a little less active as well!! It was a miracle. The member that comes with us everyweek was so excited when she found out she was there!! I love being able to see the fruit of my labor!! We are still going to work with her because we need to get her into the church every Sunday...and get her to stay there!! :o)

It was a great week. I love being able to see the miracles that the Lord sends to us!! I know that Jesus Christ lives and that he works through ordinary people to do extraordinary things. I have also learned and am still learning that through Him and His Atonement we can change who we are and become perfect. I have a lot of things to change, but I know that it is possible only in and through Christ my Savior!!

Have a great week!!
Sister Jones

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