11 May 2009

Week #50 (5-11-09)

This week has been strange. We were really busy, but then Sister Sayson got sick..she has really been struggling with her health. So we had to stay in for a day. I was so bored that I cleaned the WHOLE apartment...and when I say cleaned I mean cleaned. I even took all of the food out of the fridge and chipped the ice off that was on the back of the fridge!! I had fun!! My comp literally slept the whole day. She would wake up for like a half hour and then go back to sleep. She is doing better now!!

We are struggling with our investigators a bit. We are really trying to get them progressing, but it has been hard for the last few weeks. They were doing so good, but now they seem to have taken a few steps backward. We were talking about it last night. We thought that Barbara was doing so good, but the last few weeks she has been moving backwards not forwards. We are working on it!! Pray for her please. She needs to give up smoking and it will be hard, but she can totally do it. We are planning to have her come to a member's house with us this week and so the member and his wife can get to know her better and she can feel of the spirit in their home. The father also had to give up smoking, so hopefully that will help her to again move forward.

We are excited for this week because we already have a lot to do. This woman in the ward who is in charge of the missionaries eating calendar gave the RS a big lecture about how empty the calendar has been for the last few weeks...let's just say that the women felt a little guilty because we have an eating appt. almost everyday this week and next week and the week after. I love eating appointments with members, but sometimes it is hard because they want us to stay for a long time. Not everyone, but a lot of the older people who are used to the old rules about eating appts....there were none!! :o) We have to remind them that they are only supposed to be an hour. Most people are super good about it. I hope they don´t feed us to much!! :o)

That´s about all to report for this week!! I will try to have a better email for next week!!

Love you!!
Sister Jones

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