04 May 2009

Week #49 (5-4-09)

We saw some cool miracles this week. We met some guy on the street and made an appointment out with him to bring him the book of mormon and talk more about our church. Well we went to the appointment and he wasn´t there (when I told this story to the RS on Sunday some lady in the congregation made a loud angry grunt at this part of the story!! :o)) when we got there. So we decided to do doors in his building and we talked to this guy from Spain who had lived in America for a while. He let us in and we talked to him for an hour!! It was SO good. He actually had met with missionaries when he was younger, but now he had become muslim. He didn´t have any interest to meet with us again, but I know that we knocked on his door for a reason. God is trying to tell him something, but he is just not ready to listen...again. Maybe another time!! It was cool because that was only my 3rd or 4th time in a year of missionary work of actually being let in. I have gotten a lot of contacts that way, but they usually tell us to just come back later because they have no time. It was a good experience for Sister Sayson...that was her first time being let in!! :o)

We also rode bikes for about 2.5hrs in one day. There was a holiday on Friday and so the buses don´t come very often and the bus to one of our appt. doesn´t come at all on Sundays and holidays. So we rode all the way there. We were pretty sore, but not as bad as when we first started riding bikes!!

Oh, I also started a competition with one of my ZL to see who can lose the most weight in the next 3 transfers (so by the time he goes home) He has already lost a lot of weight on his mission so I hope that that will give me the advantage!! hehe!! Don´t worry, missionary work is still important, but when you feel like a big fat sister Missionary it´s harder to do missionary work!!

We were also sitting on the bahn the other day and 2 people started talking to us. We talked to them about the gospel and niether of them were interested, but it was cool to see that they were curious enough to talk to us. They were cool.

Barbara and Olga didn´t have time to meet with us this week, but Barbara did come to church again on Sunday. That is 4 Sundays in a row!! We even had a member pick her up this time because they live close to each other. So many people already know her in the church. It was SO cool to see them remember her name and invite her to the ward activity on Saturday and to tell her...see you next week!! It was wonderful. I also got to see some people from Bielefeld because there was a baby blessing and the mother comes originally from Bielefeld and her family came. I told them how much I missed them and the ward and they told me that they all missed me to. I also told them that I will be back to visit them in Oct. before I go home and they are excited!! WHOOO!! I love Bielefeld. I mean I love Bremen too, but Bielefeld just has a special place in my heart!!

So on Saturday we had a street preach in Osnabrück. That is where we stand on the street and sing hymns and talk to people and also someone steps forward and starts teaching the gospel with a loud voice so everyone can here....kind of like Dan Jones. I told the Elders that I was NOT going to do that part, but I would gladly sing and also talk to the people in the area. I didn´t like the idea of talking to the whole city...a few people at a time is ok, but not all of downtown. Well we started and a few of the Elders went and then I gave in and did it!! I was really nervous, but it went ok. It would be like standing in Downtown seattle and talking to all of the busy shoppers on the street....that is how many people where there. I also sang a solo. I think a street preach would be cool in America...don´t know if they do it. Here is was pretty good, but once the Germans see that we are from a church they run away. We did have a few people stop and listen and then we would come out of the choir and talk to them, but then they would walk away from the word church or christ...we also had missionaries roaming around the area talking to people....half were in the choir and the other half were the street contactors. We did at one point have a group of 3 little kids watching us and listening to us sing and preach the gospel with the sound of a trump...well my was a trump...lol!! But the kids were sadly younger then 8!! :o) It was still a good day!!

We are really busy again this week. I´m excited. I love when it is busy...appt. service, and other activities get me excited for the coming week!!

Sister Jones

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