18 May 2009

Week #51 (5-18-09)

This week was better then last week. We had a joint teach on Tuesday with a couple from Africa. Our JT was Alex...a JSA in our ward who is half American and half German. It was pretty good, but I felt like the whole time we were talking about the same things, but we would just say them different. But they wanted us to say them a certain way or they would argue a little with us. I tried to commit them to read the book of Mormon, but they said that they want to meet with us so that we can go through EVERY SINGLE PAGE together in the Book of Mormon!! Uhhh...I think that they pretty much told me that they wanted to be eternal investigators. Hey, at least they were honest. I told them that as missionaries we are here to help people find out our church is true and then baptize them. They didn´t seem to understand that. I don´t know how long we will be meeting with them...if it continues to be a bible study rival then we might have to give them the boot!! We will see....

We got to eat at another African couple this week...they are also investigators. The food was SO amazing!! I loved it. They made us a variety of food so that we could try some of the main things in Africa. I´m totally going to go to Africa some day...wow!!

Besides that we had some lessons with some inactives and also got to have institute with a bunch of JSA´s from a couple different wards!! It was really fun!!

We are planning a music night in this ward for the 19th of June!! Sadly that is the week after transfers...I´m going to ask pres if I can stay or if I get transferred if I can come back for it. The ward will be mad if I help plan it and then don´t end up singing in it!! I don´t know if I want stay here for 5 transfers, but if I did in Bielefeld I could do it here...although that would give me only 2 transfers in my last city!! Oh well...it is all up to the Lord!!

Sister Jones

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