27 April 2009

week #48 (4-27-09)

This week has been great....lots of ups and downs.

I´m Staying in Bremen for my 4th transfer here!! And Sister Sayson is still my comp!! WAHOOO!!

On Tuesday we had an appointment with Barbara (our batisimal date) but she wasn´t there...that is when we freaked out!! AHHHH....but she just forgot. Then we had another appointment with her on Friday and again she wasn´t there, but her boyfriend was there and let us in. We called her and she had again forgot, but got there in a few minutes. We went to the park and read in the book of mormon with her and then played a little soccer with her son...yes, in skirts!! lol!! It was fun!! She is super cool, but I just think she is really stressed right now. She also came to church again on Sunday and had a great time there.

Olga (Frau Frizler) is doing great. We answered a lot of her questions about the Book of Mormon. She is reading it all the way through and had a lot of questions. We also gave her the stop smoking workshop to read through and this week we will be making goals on when to start and how we are going to do it!! She is amazing and she loves us so much!!

The ward is really starting to trust us. When they have been asking us to do things we got them done and then report back to these people and they are really relying on us. I love it because most of the time the Elders get asked to do everything, but now a lot of people are coming to us. A woman in the ward just had her 4th baby and the RS Pres. asked us if we would offer to help her clean and what not this week, not just ask, but really get her to let us help her...most women would just say no. So we found her about a minute later and cornered her (literally) and said that we wanted to help her this week and set up an appointment and the the RS Pres. walked by us about 2 or 3 minutes after that and I told her that we made an appointment with this other woman and she was totally surprised and very happy that we already did it and that we were pushy enough to get an appointment. :o) It made me feel really good to be able to accomplish the things that the wards asks from us!!
Sorry my email isn´t as exciting as last week, but not that much new stuff happened. We taught the YSA on Sunday about Missionary work and one of the guys came up after the class and told me that it stirred something in him...that is what we were going for!! I think it went pretty good.

Well I hope you have a great week!!

Sister Jones

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