20 April 2009

Week #47 (4-20-09)

I just LOVE the spring in Germany!! It is so beautiful!! The flowers are blooming, the trees are turning green and the Lord is sending us baptisms!! Yep that is right...WE HAVE A BAPTISM DATE HERE IN BREMEN!! So Barbara....the girl we met in the park who´s aunt had been praying that she will meet the missionaries...she came to church last sunday and had a great time. We then had an appointment on Friday and we had planned to extend a baptism date to her. We were really nervous...I was the one that was going to be commiting her and I was nervous because last time I did that was with sister Jones and the girls said no and then I didn´t know what to say. On the way to the appointment I just imagined her saying yes. I wanted to be really positive. So Sister Sayson taught about baptism and then I taught about the holy Ghost and then asked her if she would follow Jesus Christ and get baptized on the 17th of May and she said YES!! AHHHHH!!! I was so excited. She needs to work on quitting smoking, but she has a strong desire to stop smoking so we can totally get over that hump!! She is AMAZING!! I then invited her to come to Hamburg for stake conference on Sunday and she said yes even though she would have to leave at 7am and be in the train for 1.5 hrs there and 1.5 hrs back and she would have to bring her 8month old baby!! She came and really enjoyed it and it was cool because quite a few members were on the train and she got to meet a lot of cool people!! When the members said bye to her they said...see you next sunday!! :o) It was perfect! We have 2 appointments this week and will be going through the lessons again and teaching her more of the commandments!! It is cool because she was a drug addict and has already overcome a lot and changed a lot and she really relys on God for everything and follows her inner voice (the Holy Ghost). We are just here to help her finish making the progress she needs to return to God in Eternal Life. I called pres. and he didn´t answer and so I left him a message and even screamed a little...really quiet though...I think it was something like..."Präsident, we have a baptismal date in Bremen AHHHHH!!!" When he called me back later he told me that he had never gotten a message before where a missionary sounded so excited about something!! Well I was excited!! That was probably one of the best days of my mission so far!!

We had Zone conference this week and so we went to Hannover the night before to stay with the sisters and also so I could get to the church early to practice a song with an elder. Elder Nabratskie (sp?) is serving in my zone and asked if we could sing together sometime. So we planned it and then the only time we could get together and practice was the day of conference!! Well It was interesting. He did fine, but I just couldn´t get this one part...it changed keys and I was having issues getting my first note. I was frustrated with myself because I didn´t have problems like that before my mission, but I just prayed and trusted in the Lord to help my talent that I´m not able to practice and develop at this time in my life. Well it came time for us to sing and we did fine. I really miss singing with people, so it was fun...and guess what?? I got my note and had no problem!! YEAH!!

We did splits this week, as well, with the sisters in Hamburg. It was fun. Sister Heiner came here and Sister Sayson got to go to Hamburg. We had a good time together and I learned a lot from her. It is weird to think that I am one of the "experienced" sisters. I really feel like I just got here, but in 2 weeks I will only have 4 transfers left!! I mean that is still a lot of time, but for people who have only been out 3 or 4 transfers....they think I am almost done!! I really do feel new and am not ready to go home. I stil have way to much to do here and too much to learn. I´m excited to see what will happen these last 4 transfers.

Well, Frau Frizler is also doing great!! We met with her and she has started reading the book of Mormon from the beginning. She wants to read it all the way through. :o) She also smokes and wants to quit so we are going to do the workshop with her as well. I´m so grateful for people in my life before my mission that have had experiences similar with the lives of my investigators because I can use those success stories to encourage and strengthen my investigators. It is so wonderful!! She loves meeting with us and is so excited everytime we come. I love Bremen!! :o)

This week was one of the best weeks ever!! I love the Lord and I´m so grateful for his blessings on me and all the other missionaries in the world!!!! I know that Joseph Smith was a prophet of God and that we have a living prophet today. I know that we have all the knowledge and authority to do the things we need to do in this life to return and live with God for eternity. It has all been restored through Joseph Smith and has been passed down to every prophet after him. I love this Gospel and I´m happy to be a part of this great work...to bring others unto Christ.

Sister Jones

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