13 April 2009

Week #46 (4-13-09)

This week was SO beautiful!! I loved it...the sun was shinning...I didn´t have to wear a big coat...and it´s getting lighter in the morning and at night!!

On Tuesday we had a joint teach for a new member. We wanted to teach about the priesthood and thought it would be a good idea to bring her home teacher. So we decided to take the train and then ride our bikes to her house. The train ride is about 25 minutes and then about 15 min with bikes. Well the weather had been SO beautiful all day, but once we got off the train it started to sprinkle a bit, but it held off till we got to her house. As we were teaching her it started to pour and there was even thunder and lightning. Then when we left it was sunny again!! It was SO amazing. The member we took is a return missionary and when we were in the train we thanked him for coming with us and he just said that he just loves going out with the missionaries. It was such a compliment to me, but a lot of people think of sister missionaries as being different then the elders...almost like we aren´t REAL missionaries. Well I can tell you that we work just as hard as the Elders...we may not be able to move as many heavy things as them, but we can still help with service and other things for the ward!! :o)

On Wednesday we had District meeting and we watched "The Testiments" movie!! It is one of my favorites. The Elders were a little silly at the beginning with the love story in it, but it was interesting to hear them become more and more serious as the movie went on and told more and more about Christ. At the end of the movie the spirit was so strong. We sat in silence for a few moments to ponder, but after only about 5 minutes or less the Spirit was pulling at me from inside to stand up and bear my testimony. I resisted at first, but the Spirit almost just pulled me out of my seat and I just stood up and bore my testmony about Jesus Christ. It was such a great experience. I love feeling the Spirit...it is so great to think that one day we will be able to have the Spirit that strong all the time!! The Celestial Kingdom is going to be so amazing!! :o)

On Thursday one of our best Investigators, Frau Frizler, called and had to change our appointment to next week. She had family coming in for Easter and was not able to meet with us. She was a little disappointed. She said that she was really looking forward to meeting with us. We had commited her to read in the book of mormon and to pray about Joseph Smith and the book of mormon and she had only read in the book of mormon, which is still good, but she needs to pray as well. We recommited her and on the phone she told me that she had been really diligent and that she is really excited to meet with us next week!! I was so happy!! WAHOO!! I really hope that means that she read and prayed!! She is so amazing. Her brother is a member in Russia and talked her into meeting with the missionaries to learn really what we believe...so she referred herself!! She is going to get baptized someday I just know it!! We are meeting with her tomorrow.

We ate with my favorite member today. Sch. Hofmann...she is so cool. We played this game that I will have to play with you and the family when I get home. The hair fight!! I played it with her for the second day of Christmas. It´s so cool!! We also met with Sch. Meister, an inactive sister. She is making good progress and I really like meeting with her. She is really loving and really easy to have a conversation with. She also loves to meet with us..she asks us when we are coming back before we can ask!!

On Saturday we got to help Sch. Müller in her garden again!! I love it and the weather was so beautiful. we then went to the church and got ready for the baptisms of 2 8 year olds in our ward. I got to sing at it too. I got to sing 2 songs and one of the elders made a recording of it, but I will have to get it from him and then past it on. I was pretty nervous, but the Lord is really helping me to be confident when I sing and to sound decent because I am out of practice I can notice the difference in my voice, but no one else can. I got some great compliments after...someone even asked me where they could buy a CD of me!! I just laughed...it wasn´t THAT good!! One of our investigators came to the baptism...she really enjoyed it. She is Catholic and said that she had never seem a baptism like that before. She looks forward when she could come to our church on Sunday. The Spirit was really strong and I think that she felt it too.

Sunday....my favorite day of the week. Normally we have a meeting, but we needed to pick up an investigator instead. Barbara...one of my other favorite investigators, was going to come to church with us. She lives only a few streets away from us. She has 5 kids, but only 2 live with her and they were going to stay home with her boyfriend, but when we got there with our bikes she came down with the kids. One is 8 months and the other is 5. I was a little worried how we were going to all ride bikes to church together, but the Lord works in Mysterious ways!! Her 5 yr old can already ride a bike, but the 8 month old can´t even sit up. Well she has one of those kids things that you attatch to the back of a bike and it rolls on the ground and kids can sit in it, well at first when she tried to attatch it she thought it was broken, but I said a silent prayer and in a few minutes she had it attatched. So we were all off...on bikes to church. We were a few minutes late, but it turned out great. We were also planning on teachíng primary so I had paper and markers to keep the 5 year old busy...miracles!! I tell ya!! She really enjoyed it. The elders taught her sunday school class and they just think that she is amazing. Her son even made friends with one of the American boys in the ward. The American boy said bye to him and started to run away and then turned back to him and yelled..."Sind wir Freunde?" ..."Are we Friends?" It was the cutest thing ever!! It was Sister Sayson´s first investigator to come to church!!

This last week was amazing and this coming week will also be very exciting!!

Sister Jones

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