23 June 2008

Another pic of Christi, her comp and mission president

***also, check out the video on the side bar....it's a video from the MTC of all the german speaking missionaries singing.  You don't have to listen very hard to hear Christi...she's the soprano!


RileyFamily said...

Thanks so much Teri for doing this blog! I love it and get chills everytime I get on it. I loved hearing the missionaries sing and yes, you were right you can hear christi very well. :) I'n so glad she is doing so well. And thanks for all the fun facts about her life in Germany (time, place, weather). This is fun! Jen

Maudjean said...

This is Maudjean again. Still loving your sister's letters. As a 'Missionary Mom', I cried when I heard them singing in German. Thanks for posting that! I received a very similar photo and short note this week from President Thompson. It was good to see my boy so happy! The work is hard in Europe, but rewarding. Thanks again!