01 June 2008

It's a small world after all...(at least in my world)

At church today I bore my testimony...but that's not the cool thing.  I talked briefly about Christi leaving for her mission this past Tuesday and heading for Germany.  After the meeting one of the elders in our ward came up to me and asked where my sister was going in Germany and I told him Hamburg.  He stated "that's my mission....that's where I'm from".  I had no idea he was foreign...he barely has an accent.  Anyway...his name is Elder Krieger and he is from Kassel, which is in the Hamburg Mission.  He told me that she would be well taken care of and to not worry about her.  I may have mentioned that I was a little worried about my little sister being so far away....sorry Vicki, but I just wasn't worried about you...you are the big sister you know!  I thought that it was VERY cool and thought I would share my story!

Teri (Christi's sister who lives in Utah)

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