27 May 2008

She's not in "UTAH" anymore...

She has flown away...on to Chicago...then Paris...and finally to Germany! She is very excited to go...but nervous as well! As much as she LOVED the MTC...she was ready to go (and by the way, she is sick of her clothes already)! The mission home address is listed to the right...so please feel free to drop her a line. We will try to keep the address updated as she moves from place to place...but the mission home will always be a permanent place to send letters and packages (hint, hint).

Also, Christi has told us that she is very excited to read this blog once she gets home...16 months from now...and we feel that it would be great if anyone who visits the site and reads her letters, leaves her a comment that she can read when she returns. At the bottom of each blog there is the word "comment", click on that and a pop up window will appear. Type a message in the box with your name..if you don't have an account with google then just click the anonymous button so your comment can be posted. Feel free to leave as many comments as you want...I know she will be delighted to read them!

Thanks for caring enough about our little sister missionary to continually check-in on her. We are so proud of her and so excited for her as she is on her way to the "mission field". We know she is going to be a great missionary!

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amie979 said...

Can't wait to see some pictures posted!