22 May 2008

She's headed to Germany

Well...it is official, Christi leaves for Germany on Tuesday, May 27th. She is very excited to be going, but nervous as well. Here is part of an email to our mom about her flight plans:

I leave the SLC Airport at 10:25am (may 27) and arrive in Chicago at 2:35pm...eastern time!! I don't leave till 5:30pm chicago time, so I will call when I can get to a phone there!! I then head to Paris and arrive there 8:50am (May 28) and then leave at 10:35am for hamburg...I finally arrive at my destination at 12:10pm!! Then I have orientation, meetings with the mission pres. and then dinner and bed at 10:30pm!! It will be a very long exhausting day, but I'm so excited. A little nervous, but excited. My German is still not very good but I know it ill come!!

The mission home address in Germany is listed on a previous post...if you haven't written her yet..now would be a great time, so she has some mail waiting for her when she arrives!

Also...she is sending her memory card with her pics from the MTC to mom so I am hoping to get some pics posted in the next week or so!

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