08 May 2008

Guten Tag meine Familie (letter from Christi May 8, 2008)

This week again has been great. The Lord really blessed me with a good attitude. I love all of the devotionals and firesides and Large Group Meetings that we have. They are so uplifting and inspiring!! The TRC was very humbling this week. I know that my German is not very good, but I had prepared a lot for it trying to learn the vocab that I needed. Then I went there and I couldn't remember hardly anything I had learned. I was really frustrated because I thought that I would at least remember what I had learned. I cried afterward of course because I was just really disapointed in myself. My comp, sister Pelo, and I talked about it later and she told me that I may not have spoken perfect German, but she said that when I taught that the Spirit was really strong and that when I bore my testimony that the Spirit was really there. I was comforted a lot, because it is not someone's German that will convert people it is the Spirit. Even the best most persuasive teachers can not convert without the Spirit. I learned a lot from that experience. The Lord may not give me all the words, but if I prepare He will give me the Spirit. I
just need to work on concentrating on feeling the Spirit and then I will be comforted about my horrible German.

The RC was amazing this week. I went in with the attitude that I was going to teach and testify to EVERYONE and not hang up until I did so. Because of that attitude that Lord really blesses me. I talked to one lady about the book of Mormon. She had met with the Missionaries once, but her minister told her it wasn't a good idea and if she had anyquestions or problems that she should go to him. So I told her about the book of mormon and testified about the power that it had and I committed her
over the phone to read it and pray about it. She committed and also might meet with the missionaries again. I want to call her back next week to see how she is doing with her reading. Since she doesn't have the Gift of the Holy Ghost she might forget the feelings that she felt over the phone. So I want to call her and have her call the missionaries for sure. I will let you know it I can get ahold of her. I also talked to this other lady and I told her about the book of mormon and I quoted the first vision and the story of Joseph Smith and about our prophet today. The spirit was so strong and I talked to her about having the missionaries come teach her more and she accepted them. It is so a great feeling. Even when people hang up on me I don't even care, I just think that they are just not ready to receive the Gospel. So I just move on to another call. I LOVE the RC!!!

I can't believe that in 2 1/5 weeks I will be heading to Germany!! It is so exciting. I don't think I will understand what they are saying to me, but it will come!! I can't wait to get there.

I hope everyone is doing well!! The Church is true. God lives and loves us. Jesus is the Christ, the Savior of the World. Joseph Smith was a prophet and Thomas S. Monson is the prophet today!! I love this work and I want to go out and kick
butt!! I love you all. Have a great week!!

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