22 May 2008

Guten Tag! (letter from Christi May 22, 2008)

Ok...I don't have much time today, but I just wanted to tell everyone
about a super cool experience I had this week. Well actually 2...I was
in the TRC on Tuesday teaching a couple fake investigators and it was so
cool. It was a mother and a daughter and we were teaching in German.
Well the mom didn't speak german at all. So the daughter kind of
translated a little as we taught. Then at the end Sister Pelo asked the mother
to pray in German to close and it was so great. The spirit was so
strong as we were teaching and then when the mother prayed the spirit was
even stronger. She prayed for sister Pelo and I since we are leaving
soon and then she began to cry. I know that she had felt the spirit as we
had taught her even though she couldn't understand our words. She
could still feel our testimonies. It was the best TRC experience I have had
since I have been here!!

Then in the RC the next day I was having bad luck calling people. No
one was answering. FINALLY this girl answered and we ended up talking for
an HOUR!!! It was so cool. She had a lot of questions and a lot of
them were asked almost to dig me in a hole, but I did better then I
thought I could when explaining the beliefs of the church. We talked about
everything. Prayer, personal revelation, prophets, pre-earth life, life
after death, the kingdoms of glory, missionaries, the god head, Joseph
Smith, the restoration, the B of M. and many others that I can't
remember. I finally had to just end the call by inviting her to meet with
the missionaries, but she is not ready for that. A lot of her questions
were ones she didn't really want answered she just wanted to stump me!! I
had fun though and it was a really good experience!! I love you all!!

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