01 May 2008

26 days till I leave for Germany!! WAHOOO!! (letter from Christi May 1, 2008)

This week has been great. I don't know if I told you about my new
companion. Her name is Sister Fourtina and she is from France. She is so
great. She is actually a solo sister because she is the only sister in her
district, but our branch pres. paired her up with sister Pelo and I.
So now I have 2 companions. We have a lot of fun together.
I was called as the coordinating sister for my zone, which is pretty
much the sister that is in charge of all the sisters...especially the new
ones that should be coming next week. I have to make sure that the
sisters are following the rules, especially when we are in our rooms at
night. (What a perfect calling for Christi....)
On Sunday in church Sister Fourtina and I sang for the special musical
number. Sister Pelo played the piano for us. We sang I know that My
redeemer lives and we did it in an awesome way. She sang the first verse
in french and then we did the chorus together in German. Then I sang the
second verse in English and then we did the chorus in German. Then the
third verse she sang in french and I sang in English at the same time,
then we sang the chorus again in German. Then the whole congregation
sang together in German on the last verse. It was so awesome!!
In Relief Society the YW President Sister Dalton came and spoke to us.
She is so amazing. I want to be just like her. She shared an experience
of when she was visiting with some YW in Africa and she asked them what
trials they had. No one said anything and she asked again. Finally
someone in the back stood up and said, "Sister Dalton, We have the Gospel
of Jesus Christ. What else do we need?" It touched me so much!!I
started to bawl. It is so true!! What else do we need?? Nothing!! I love this
Gospel and I know that only in and through Jesus Christ can we be
saved and return and live with our Father in Heaven!!
So I taught in German for the first time this past Tuesday and it was
interesting to say the least. Sister Pelo is really great at speaking
German, but I'm a little slow. The spirit was there and that is all that
matters. It is just really hard for me to think of what to say in
German and then translate that into German and then spit it out and have it
make sense...it's quite the process!! ;o) I know it will come, but it
is really hard right now!!
We have a devotional every week on Tuesday night and I have been
waiting and waiting for an apostle to come...and I will still have to wait
because it wasn't an apostle yet. Although every time I get even the
slightest bit disappointed about not having an apostle I am always so
impressed with the 70s that come. This week it was Elder Zwick and he was
amazing and so was his wife!! The thing that I really liked the most was
when he told about his son. His son is mentally disabled and is just
like a child in how he thinks and talks. One time in the car his son asked
him, "Dad, Do you know Jesus?" I loved that question, because it is so
exciting for me to be able to answer, yes. I know Jesus Christ. He is
my brother, my friend, my master, my king, and most important my
Savior. He gave up his life so I can live forever with my God. I can't wait
for the day that I can thank him face to face.

Love Sister Jones

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