15 May 2008

Hallo! (Letter from Christi May 15, 2008)

So I only have 11 days in the MTC left!! AHHHHH!!! I get my flight plan
tomorrow which is a big deal among the Missionaries in the MTC!! It
makes it a lot more real.

This week has been so great!! I really have felt the blessings of the
Lord in my life. I thought the second lesson in German for the first
time this last Tuesday and it went pretty well. My comp is VERY good at
German, so I have to use all the strength I have not to compare myself to
her. She told me that everything has always come really easy to her.
She has always gotten straight A's in school and has never really
studied or anything. She thinks that that is her trial in life...seems like a
pretty easy trial. I on the other hand have never been really good at
much of anything. Even when I spend forever studying, school has just
always been hard for me. So we are quite different. I feel like I work
my butt off and she tells me that she isn't even trying very hard, but
yet she speaks and understands better then amost anyone in the branch.
She is really blessed. It bothered me a lot at first, but the last couple
weeks I have realized that I wouldn't want that. I want to get what I
have worked for and I know that the Lord will bless me to learn this
language. Even if it is the last day of my mission, I know He will bless
me. I have seen those blessings this week as I have been trying to
speak my language as much as I can. On Tuesday I spoke so much German that
my brain was hurting. It was a good feeling.

The Spirit of the Lord is with me and can see the blessings he is
giving me and the missionaries around me!! I love this Gospel and I love the
MTC!! I'm So excited to go to Germany!! It is so close that I can feel

There is this sister who is going to be flying out with me. She just
came in last week, but she can already speak German so they are sending
her with me. She is even going to Hamburg!! I'm very excited!! I love
you all and hope you have a wonderful week!! Thank you for the prayers!!
Sister Jones

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