10 June 2008

Letter #2b (6-10-08)

Email to Christi's dad...

Well we had a half p-day yesterday and the other half today. Kind of weird, but we had interviews with the president yesterday and it cut into our p-day. I promise to write more next week. I didn´t get much time to email this week!! Too many people emailed me kind of long emails, so I spent a long time reading!! :o) I love email, but I told some of them to keep them a bit shorter so I could write more. They are funny!!

This week was great. We had a baptism on Sunday....it was so wonderful. We are going to work on getting more investigators this week because we only have a few and they are not really commiting to much. We are working hard on getting them to read and pray and it is slowly coming...I hope. They are so wonderful and I just want them to have the happiness that the Gospel brings to my life, but it is up to them. They have a lot in their lives to change and that can be hard, but I know that if they made the changes that the Lord will bless them. They just need a little faith. It is strange to ask someone to completely change their life, but that is what I am here to help them do!! I love this work and I learn to love it even more each and everday.

Thanks for the email and the love and support.

Sister Jones

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Maudjean said...

Hello Jones Family!

We're the Thompson's, Dave and Maudjean, from Bothell, Washington. Our daughter came across your great blog for Sister Christi Jones thru her friend, Analisa Walk's site, and then discovered Sister Jones is a cousin of our good friend, Hannah Unguren. We've been friends with the Unguren family for many years. What makes us more excited is that our son, Elder Alec Thompson, is also serving in the Hamburg Mission!! He arrived there this past December. He's serving in Dortmund right now. While Elder Thompson is a good letter writer, he doesn't describe things like a girl does! So we learned so much from Sister Jones' first letter, the info about the rock, and what they did when they arrived! We hope you won't mind if we follow her progress on your blog. Maybe our missionaries will meet during their missions! Thanks again for sharing Sister Jones' great letters!