09 June 2008

Letter #2 (6-9-08)

 From the sounds of the "letter" she sent this week, she had very little time for email today (PDay) and since us sisters and her mom are slightly long-winded in our emails I think we monopolized her time with reading instead of writing.  (She even asked us to keep our emails short)  So she responded to a few questions in our emails and here they are (you can guess what the questions were).

Hello everyone.

The Area is great. The people are awesome. We haven´t gotten many contacts, because Germans are stuck in their ways, but we have not given up...nor will we ever.

My comp is great. We had an interesting time learning to get along, but we seem to have worked it out. She is great...very stubborn and likes to do things her way, but I just smile and do what she says and it seems to work out ok. She says that she loves to argue, but she trys not to. Sounds like it could be dangerous for me, but I just hold my tongue. We have been doing good though.

Biggest adjustment?? The key board for right now...but in all seriousness I would say just the language. When you go up and talk to someone and they talk back and you have no clue what they are saying it is very difficult, as you know from your mission (Vicki's questions).

Favorite gift of Tongues experience? Well I haven´t had many, but on Sunday my comp was dealing with things for a baptism that we were having and so people were coming up and asking me things...I had to ask each of them to say it again, but I understood enough to know what they were saying. So I was able to help some people out. It was pretty cool.

Favorite culture part? I love the houses and the cobble stone streets. I think that is my favorite...it´s just the way that the cities and little housing communities look. It is just so COOL!! Way better then the US!! haha

We had a baptism for Stella on Sunday and it was amazing. We are struggling a little with our other investigators, but it will work out. I will be more detailed next week. We have a weird pday today...so I don´t have much time.

I love you all so much and want you to know that I´m doing well. I´m trying to be patient with the language and I´m learning to love people that I don´t even understand, which is weird but SO awesome. I love the ward I am in. They are amazing and very nice to me. I gave a talk this last Sunday as well. I was pretty nervous, but the ward was so nice to me. I love it here!

Sister Jones

Christi's actual address is:

Voltmannstrasse 122
33619 Bielefeld

She has informed us that it costs 3 Euro ($5) to mail a letter to the states so she will not likely be able to respond to people individually very often.  However, I believe it costs less then a dollar to mail her a letter and she could definitely use the support!

Thanks to all of you who view her blog...leave a comment if you have a minute (to Christi) for her to read when she returns home!

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amie979 said...

I can't wait to see pics of the area on your blog. I love the sound of it so far!