03 August 2009

Week #62 (8-3-09)

Well this last week was really long. In 7 days we only taught 2 lessons!! We had SO much finding time...we almost died!! Don´t get me wrong I love missionary work, but hour after hour and day after day of doors and street contacting in Germany really wears on a person. We are still alive and excited for a new week. We did find 7 contacts last week. Many of them were pretty good, but they will be busy for the next few weeks. I think I forgot how it was last summer...When Europeans go on vacation it is for usually at least 10 days. Did you know that Germans get between 24-30 PAID vacation days a year?? Could you imagine that?? WOW.!! So everyone is on vacation or going on vacation and that makes it hard, but that is haw it was last year as well. This time is almost harder then Christmas. Well, it will be fine because they have to come back at sometime and then that is when we will get them!! hehe!!

Well, I´m sorry if this letter is not very exciting. We experienced a lot last week, but I´m so exhausted that I don´t really feel like typing any of it. We are going to watch a movie today so that we can relax before another long week of walking, talking and being told no!! We will be praying for some serious miracles this week. I know that there are people out there that are prepared, but the hard thing is trying to find where they are and still keep a positive attitude among the NO!! I love the work and know that the miracles are there for us...we just have to prove that we are faithful even when it is hard!!
I love you and hope you have a great week!!
Sister Jones

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