24 August 2009

Week #65 (8-24-09) "7 weeks and I'm not counting"...

This last week feels like a lifetime, but in a good way. On Wednesday we had an Ausstellung(street display) in Rendsburg, which is about a half hour train ride from Kiel. I had been starting to get sick last week with a sore throat, but felt good enough to stand in the choir of missionaries and sing for a few hours. BAD idea. Near the end I couldn´t sing anymore because it hurt to bad. Well Wednesday came and I had lost a lot of my voice. Having the strong vocal chords that I have, I have never fully lost my voice, but I pretty much sound like a man and if I try to talk normal or higher then normal my voice cracks and squeaks!! It was pretty funny at first, but now it is Monday and it is still not back...maybe a bit better or maybe I´m just getting used to speaking low and manly!! :o) The street display was fun, but we didn´t get any contacts or anything. We had about 12 missionaries there from our zone and we talked to a lot of people, but no one was interested. It was good though just to get our church´s name out there and our information out there.
So there is this nonmember guy named Claus who comes to the RIZ (the outreach center) quite a bit and we have become better and better friends every time. He is super funny and very nice. We got to do a little bit of service for him this week...we moved some boxes into his apartment. We also got to do this theatre activity with him a few weeks ago...I have a video of it that you will have to see later...it is super funny!! I really hope that we can become good enough friends with him to get him to meet with the missionaries again. He already did once and isn´t really interested in the Gospel, but loves hanging out with people with high standards..."like the Mormons"...he said.

We got to meet with Matthew again this week...our amazing investigator from America!! It was a great appointment and we committed him to spend this time that he is in Germany to really find out whether this is true or not. He agreed to read and pray everyday and come to church!! Well, Americans rock...he came to church!! It was SO great. We watched the Restoration and the Spirit was so strong as we bore testimony to him about Joseph Smith and the book of Mormon. He is totally going to get baptized...if not here then in America and then I can fly there and see it!! WAHOO!! :o)

We also got in contact with this contact from a few weeks ago and she totally let us in and we taught her and made out another appointment for this week. She is our new investigator...she is super cool!! She also came to church!! Yeah that´s right...we had 2 investigators at church!! YEAH!! That´s all thanks to my wonderful elders in Neumünster...we decided to have one companionship fast every sat-sun for the whole district and they did it and we got SO many blessings!! I really have gained a testimony of fasting since I have been on my mission!! It totally works!! This last week was amazing and I´m excited for the new investigators that we have!! They are normal people, not crazies and will be great new additions to the ward when they get baptized!! Thanks for your prayers of faith and keep it up...I want to go out with a bang...not finish my mission with only finding time!! :o)
I love you and hope that you have a great week!!
Sister Jones

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