14 September 2009

Week 66 (8-31-09) "I lied last week...I am counting and now it is 7"

Well this letter is not going to be any good because I don´t have much time. I have a lot of feelings right now...mixed feelings and just wrote a huge letter to my mission Pres about what is going on inside of me and what my feelings and thoughts are....and now I don´t have much time left.
Our amazing American investigator, Matthew, is sadly going back to the US on Friday and will be there until after I go home. The good news is that he came to church again yesterday and he agreed to meet with the missionaries when he is in the US!! He is so great!! I really hope that he gets baptized. We are meeting with him again on Thursday night before he leaves!!
Frau Plagmann, who came to church last week, called us this last week and told us that she doesn´t want to leave her church and that she doesn´t want to meet with us either. She was very nice about it, but still has no interest in learning more. Welcome to my mission...I find great people who are not crazy and they read, come to church and/or keep commitments, but then they eventually say they have no interest!! I´m not bitter, just tired of not being able to see success here in Germany...man are these people so awesome, but SO hard!!
Other then that the week was ok. We did some service with an old member and she is so funny. Her family hardly comes to visit, so she is always excited when we come. She loves the missionaries.
Well I´m sorry for the crappy email. I will try to be more possitive and happy next week, but I´m afraid that if I keep writing I will be too negative

Sister Jones

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