14 September 2009

Week #68 (9-14-09) "5 weeks"

Well the days are just flying by and I can´t believe that it is Monday again. We got to see Präsident last week at Zone Meeting. It was great to see him and talk to him a bit. He is so wonderful and inspired. He is also so encouraging and has so much faith in me. I wish I could see in me what he sees in me. I´m so grateful that I´m able to serve with such a great leader.
We still had a lot of finding time this last week, but I think it is paying off. We found a few people who agreed to meet with us this next week. I hope and pray that they go through. We want to see miracles and know that they happen. This is a Gospel of Miracles and I know that God gives us them when we have faith.
We are planing a music night for the beginning of Oct. It was supposed to be on the 11th, but now it is one the 2nd. It should be cool...we have a lot of talented people here. I just hope that non members come. We found some cool music for it and I´m getting excited!!

We also had an Eis Party with the ward (Icecream party) and it was so great. I love this ward.
Well, I hope that you have a great week and enjoy the best state ever!! :o)
Love you,
Sister Jones

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