28 September 2009

Week #69 (9-21-09) "Four Weeks"

Well, something cool happened this last week. I got a call from one of the members of the bishopric in Bremen and they are opening their new ward building in a few weeks. They are going to be having a bunch of cool stuff to get people from the community to come and see what we are all about. I got to see the building when I was in Bremen, but it was still a contruction site...I had a hard time envisioníng what it would look like finished. Well, this guy called and asked if I would come back on the 8th of okt to sing for a music night they will be having. He had asked my pres. ahead of time and had gotten permission for me to go. I will be singing a song by myself and probably one with my comp. I feel so honored to have been asked. I´m aslo eycited because I get to see my wonderful ward members of Bremen again and also see some of the people that I taught. WAHOO!! I can´t wait!!
Other than that the work is going kind of slow still, but we are trying our best to find people. We taught this russian lady last week, but it was hard because she doen´t speak much German and I can´t speak any Russian. Sometimes she would say a russian word in her sentence and I could guess what she was trying to say!! :o) She is so cool and she wants to read the BofM, which we gave her in Russian. We also left her with a DVD of Joseph Smith, which she can also watch in Russian. I have seen that movie in so many languages and no matter the language I can always feel the Spirit.
I love this gospel and I´m so grateful that I´m able to serve a mission for the Lord. What a great time this is in my life to be able to sleep, dring and eat the Gospel. This is a really hard thing to do and I think that the hardest thing is just the weight of responsibility that we carry. God didn´t call me here to do an easy thing, he called me here to do the hardest thing I will ever do. I´m grateful that I am here and that I´m able to serve the Lord and the wonderful People of Germany.
Love ya,
Sister Jones

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