14 September 2009

Week #67 (9-7-09) "6 weeks"

This week was a lot better, but still a struggle. We went by on a few old investigators...to try and get more people to teach. Suprisingly 2 of them let us in and we got to talk to them for a little bit. Neither of them wanted to meet with us again, but we got to leave a spiritual thought and even sing for one of them. I hope that they felt the Spirit and will one day remember what it felt like to have the missionaries in their home.
We sadly had to say goodbye to Matthew...our wonderful American investigator. I got to call America a few time this last week to talk to the Elders in MN about him. I had forgoten what the phone ring sounds like when you call an American number...yes that is weird, but they sound different here and I have forgotten that sound. Anyway, we taught Matthew about the Spirit and getting answers and we had the coolest experience with him. Our goal before we came to the appointment was to get him to feel of the Spirit while we were there. That has been a hard thing for us because he has a lot of questions and wants to discuse something till it makes sense to him. So we decided to talk about the Atonement and also the 3rd lesson (faith, repent, baptism, Holy Ghost, endure) and we were also going to sing him a hymn. Well, we got there and followed up on the Word of Wisdom and found out that he had not given up coffee yet. So we talked more about that and then we asked him how he feels when he reads in the Bof M or when he prays and he says normal...he doesn´t feel anything. So we talked a bit more and then I got the feeling that we should sing. So I told him that we were going to sing a song for him and then after the song we were going to kneel down together and he was going to pray and that we would not get up until he felt something!! So Sister Folsom and I sang How Great Thou Art and then we all knelt down and he prayed. It was the most honest and open prayer ever!! He even cried a bit...well, more got choked up and got watery eyes. We then sat down again and I asked him what he felt. He thought for a moment and then said that he felt like a burning in his chest and a tingling in his fingers and also like a feeling of assurance. I got to then bear my testimony that that was the Spirit of God that just bore witness that God is there and loves him. We finished up with a few scriptures and then we said goodbye. I don´t know if I will ever see him again, but if I do I hope that I see him a member of the church. As I walked away from the door I yelled back to him not to forget what he felt tonight. The Lord loves him so much, he just has a hard time trusting Him and having faith. He is so cool and the Elders in America said that when he comes back to Germany in a month and a half...he will come back a member...I hope and pray that they are right!!
We have interviews this next week so it will be nice to see and talk to Präsident. I will let you know how it goes.
I love you.
Sister Jones

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