17 August 2009

Week #64 (8-17-09)

This last week was great.We had zone conference in Neumünster which is only a 25 minute train ride from Kiel. It was super cool. I love being able to learn from Präsident and his wife!! They are so awesome!! The AP´s also talked about the importance of planning out your lessons really well and being on the same page as your comp before the lesson. It was probably the best zone conference for me yet.I can´t believe that I only have one more. So unfair...!! I love getting to be spiritually uplifted so often...I actually wish that it was more often. :o)
After zone conference I got to go to Schwerin with sister Hurst for an exchange. That was my first time in the old East Germany. It obviously doesn´t look so depressing as before because they have rebuilt a lot...well most of the cities, but you can still tell that there are differences. The people are a lot less friendly which isn´t saying much because they aren´t too friendly to strangers in the west anyway...but especially about the gospel. We would start to talk to people and they wouldn´t even look at us. In the west they usually talk to us for a second before they walk away. The people are just so atheist. So sad!! A lot of the buildings also look a lot the same. My comp said that the ones that look the same were all built during communism...I´m talking about the apartment buildings...when you get a higher look at the city it looks so boring because all the high buildings are pretty much the same...cold and gray. There is a super cool castle there. It is like gold colored!! The sisters live like across a lake from it!! WOW!! I loved it there but was grateful to come back to the west...I know it is all one Germany now, but there is still a difference. One of my MTC comps is serving in the Berlin mission and she said that one city she served in almost everyone had rainbow colored hair, tattoos all over and also piercings everywhere. They have gone so extreme because they weren´t aloud to do anything like that before. There is a huge difference between the look of this side and the other. It is so interesting!!
We also got to teach quite a few more lessons this week. The lord is blessing us with success as we continue to show our patience and diligence!! 
Sister Jones

Christi and the castle in Schwerin

Water tower they found while out knocking on doors...Sister Hurst.

"Me after a hard day of work....all I want is water!"

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