17 August 2009

Week #63 (8-10-09)

Well well...another week of finding. It is really hard, but can also be rewarding. We found a few more contacts this week, but naturally they are going on vacation till September!! :o) That is just how it has been for us!! But we are trying to stay positive. I had my birthday and I was not excited for it...funny this happened though (well not funny...more ironic). My comp woke up on my birthday and told me that she had thrown up in the night and she was super weak and tired from that....she slept almost all day. We didn´t even go outside. The missionary couple came over and gave her a blessing and gave me a birthday cake and the Elders stopped by to give me a card...don´t worry, they didn´t come in!! :o) So I pretty much read and listened to music on my birthday. Wow...I was not expecting that. The Elders made fun of me and said that I prayed her sick so I wouldn´t have to do anything on my birthday. I laughed...but it was SO not true!! That would just be mean.
We saw a really cool miracle yesterday. We just had 2 appointments fall out and we were not excited to keep working. My wonderful little golden though decided that we should get on a random bus and then get off at a random stop and try to find someone. So we get on and then got off and walked....there was NO ONE around!! It was Sunday...there is never anyone around on Sunday. Well, we walked for about 15 minutes or more and were about 10 minutes from our home when we saw a guy. We approached him and I started to talk to him like I normally do when he said..."Uh...Sprechen Sie Englisch?" (Do you speak English) and I was so excited because he had a total American accent. We talked for a really long time about the gospel and then we also set up an appointment to meet with him this week. He is super cool...from Minnesota and will be here till December...and guess what?? He is not going on vacation...so we can start teaching him now!! WAHOOO!! We are totally going to baptise him!! :o)
Well I have to go and play!! :o) Have a great week!! 
Sister Jones

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