24 April 2008

Hallo....I love the MTC (letter from Christi April 24, 2008)

Ok, so this past week has been SO great. The Lord knows us so well. It
is crazy!! I was getting a little frustrated with the language because
It's not coming as fast as I had hoped. Then on Sunday my branch pres
gave the BEST talk!! He talked to us about faith and hope. My favorite
thing that he said was, "Doubt and fear are opposed to faith. Doubt and
fear cannot exsist if there is faith." I felt like he prepared that
talk just for me. It was so amazing. It's not that I didn't have faith, I
was just doubting the power that God really has to help me. He did not
send me here to fail!! He wants me to succeed!! Then I got to watch a
talk by Jeffery R. Holland about the gift of teaching. It was just for me
as well. My favorite thing that he said was, "Never let your faith be
difficult to detect." I wish everyone could watch that!!
My days are pretty much the same every week!! The meetings are all
amazing!! The Spirit is so inspiring!! I want to just run over to Germany
and convert the whole country!! It is possible...we just need faith. My
favorite thing here is the RC and the TRC. I love being able to teach
the Gospel. The RC I get to testify on the phone and it is amazing. I
talked to this lady who used to be a member and I got to testify about
Jesus Christ and how much he loves us and how he can heal all wounds!! I
love this Gospel!!

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