24 April 2008

Portions of letters to her sisters...(April 24, 2008)

So Christi decided that this week she would send one email with a short paragraph to each of us...then a general letter. Our paragraphs are pretty much direct answers to questions (as if I am supposed to remember what I asked) I think it only fair to post a few excerpts from the other emails, as it sounds a bit more like Chris then the general letter does...

Thanks so much for the Blog!! That is so awesome...I'm practically famous now!! lol!!
(not sure who she thinks is looking at this that would make her famous)
Yes I did mean thigh-highs. I want to try them out. (pretty sure that Grandma gave her this idea)...

Thanks for the words of encouragement. The language is coming. I still can't speak it really at all, but I can
understand more and more everyday. Thanks for all the great advice. oh yeah...I meant to say this last time. I loved the story about the tick. The way you told it to me in the letter made me laugh!! I was laughing so loud that my district made me tell them. They thought it was funny...especially the aunt ticky part!! Sorry about the stitches though!! I can't wait to see the scar!! ;o)
(if you haven't heard this story...ask her...pretty sure gross is more appropriate then funny, however, when Vicki tells a story it will make you laugh).

My favorite thing about the MTC is probably the RC where I get to make phone calls and talk about the Gospel. Although this past week I was there from 1:45-3:15 and I talked to about 7 people. No one would answer there phone!! I will try to mail off a copy of my weekly schedule soon. Thanks for thinking of me during the day!!
(I think Mandy must ask questions about her schedule in every letter...Mandy just can't stand not knowing what other people are doing:-)

We love our Sister Jones! She says that Dear Elder is the best way to write her as she is timed on the email...it's very easy and free while she is in the MTC!!!!

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