18 April 2008

I'm speaking to the Germans (letter from Christi April 17, 2008)

On Sunday I got to go to Relief Society and the speaker was sister Thompson from the RS general Pres. She is so amazing!! She served in Hamburg as well!! I didn't really get to talk to her, but I shook her hand really quick and told her where I was going!! It was great.I got to teach the second lesson for the first time on Tuesday. It went pretty well. We also did this tack where we had to "pick-up" our "investigator" and take them on a "bus" to church. It was 15 min long and all in German...well it was supposed to be!! I'm really struggling with the language so I did the best I could. She was from Germany and I couldn't understand a word she said in German. It went pretty well...I just can't compare myself to the other people in my class or to my comp.

I got to go to the RC again on Wed (actually we get to go every Wed) and it was so great. That is probably my favorite thing to do here!! I talked to this one lady and I was in the middle of bearing my testimony when she hung up on me!! I laughed...it was pretty funny!! I also got to teach this one lady about the restoration of the Gospel. I love being able to teach about that and bear my testimony!! It makes me feel so good.I got a blessing on Wednesday night from a member of my branch pres. and it was the best blessing I have ever gotten. He told me so many wonderful things!! I was feeling so defeated and down about my ability to speak (or should I say not speak) so I asked him for a blessing and I'm so glad that I did!! I wish I could share what he said but it is just so personal!! My heavenly father truly knows me and loves me!!Even though this is the hardest thing I have ever done I know that I am supposed to be here!! It is so wonderful to be learning about the true Gospel of Jesus Christ everyday!!I

love you all,
Sister Jones

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Shannon said...

Christi's Family - this is a fantastic idea! Not sure if you remember me but Christi and I worked together at WDW. We all miss her very much and wish her the best. send her our love!
Shannon Maloney